[BUG] Upgraded portals stuck in queue since weeks

Since several weeks (at least 4) not a single upgraded submission moved from "in queue" to "in voting".

At the moment I have 22 upgraded portals at the same time waiting patiently for being judged but it looks like my Account I somehow in a buggy situation...

In the case that a portal goes to "in voting" (circa one per week) it is always (as far as i can judge) my most recent submission. Irrelevant if its upgraded or not.

That´s pretty much against the sense of the upgrades, am I right?

BTW: It look like the judging process works that strange form-the-newest-to-the-oldes way too. There are two playgrounds allready in voting since this bug involved my account the first time and so I didnt get a answer about them since four upgraded weeks. Somehow not all accounts are affected by this. Some of my local players get prety frequently answers about his submissions. Even when they arent upgraded.

Does anybody else have the same problem or know a way to fix this as a wayfarer user?

dates in case that Niantic employee cant sonect this post to my bugged account:

Ingress-Name: Gliedmeister

PoGo-Name: LucarioIsLove

Portal submissions via both games (including Ingress old and new)



  • RyuuVanDracoRyuuVanDraco ✭✭
    edited November 2019

    Yeah, stuff apparently orders new->old which is toooooootally helpful...

    Got stuff stuck in voting for 6 weeks now thanks to this. Even more in queue. Everything upgraded. Fun.

    For some it apparently works to un-stuck submissions by editing them, but it didn't do anything for me so far.

  • I tried it on some submissions that are in queue now. The one that are allready stuck in voting cant be edited at this point anymore.

    We will see if the edeting helped to unstuck the submission.

  • Normally upgraded submissions go into voting less than a day, now 3 days still in queue...

  • nothing happens

  • kholman1kholman1 ✭✭✭✭

    eh they need to fix upgrades. Clearly what ever system is just does not work. At this point when everyone has upgrades in your region there is no real benefit and it just taking as long for those that don't vote. Also seeing rural areas getting constant denied when they upgrade on valid objects at this point there is no benefit to voting. If it is going to take 2+ weeks on an upgrade why even bother? I have submissions that are almost a month old in voting upgraded this is insane. A playground should not take 30+ days upgraded while submissions last week are passing in 5-7 days upgraded.

  • SvardodSvardod ✭✭✭
    edited December 2019

    At this point I’m at 3 upgraded nominations and I’m waiting for them to clear. I won’t do any more reviewing until those 3 clear because I don’t want any more in the upgrade queue since only one can be in voting per support response.

  • GendgiGendgi ✭✭✭

    Basically where I'm at, @Svardod! I WANT to keep reviewing, and there are actually local nominations I want to vote on, but it basically hurts me to get more upgrades at this point.

    My neighbor got into Wayfarer from PoGO. I've been encouraging her to review rather than nominate. She's got 3 banked upgrades and 1 active nomination that has been in queue (with an upgrade) for a week.

  • There's clearly a bug with them. I've had some going through in my usual upgrade time frame, but another from before those taking over a month now. Niantic just gives a canned response every time people bring it up, ignoring that there is an actual bug.

  • I know this problem too. The two most recent ones at the top went to "in voting" at the day I submitted them. All other below are stuck in voting since over two months and this is super annoying...

  • Can you send me the send me a link of the support response? I can't find it here at the forum or on twitter but maybe I'm just to dumb. 🥴

  • GendgiGendgi ✭✭✭

    Here's mine, @Gliedmeister.

    That methodology of only 1 upgrade being active at a time doesn't sound correct, but it would explain how I have a nomination for offer 3 weeks with an upgrade still in queue. And, if it is correct, it basically punishes you for continuing to review while having a nomination with an upgrade.

  • I've already reported this, but no one reads posts here. Niantic doesn't care and will deny anything is wrong.

    Ingress account upgrades take days to get into voting. My longest has been up to a week.

    My PoGo account upgrades will go into voting within hours.

    Yet, "no bug"? **** you Niantic.

    That's why I stopped reviewing for the last couple weeks, forgot about it and then when I needed to submit a supposed to be quick portal, remembered why I stopped. But, no bug guys, for real, believe us, the company that is superb at communication. **** them. Liars.

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