Double/triple threshold for pokemon go players

Title says it all I'll make this short and sweet.

Niantic you need no must increase XP required for Pokémon go players to have access to wayfarer.

40-60 million.

The amount of 1* nominations coming through and descriptions asking for stops is braking the system aswell as clogging it up !


  • The system is broken not because of pogo players which i am, but for letting anyone level 40 submit stops/portals/green house, in pogo someone has hit level 40 in a week, yes there was a event on and they spent real money but its possible, where in ingress it seems a lot harder to hit that required 10 level, also in pogo a player has 21 accounts at level 40 which is 147 submissions for any 2 week time frame. Pogo players are new so its a learning curve, us pogo players are new to the system and they let anyone in who's hit the level cap (everyone who plays pogo here and there has it the cap). also i would like it if we could us this place as a info hub so the next time im out, im not spinning franks front garden or the community gathering area which would be there post box

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    Level 40 is a counter-productive requirement. Who would be the best people to bring into Wayfarer from the Pokemon Community? The ones who live in areas where they can't score highly because very few PoIs have been added, but are still dedicated to playing the game. Who are the players Niantic have chosen to exclude? Exactly those ones!

  • Honestly just making them do a simpler quiz off the Wayfarer tutorial would help tremendously. The PoGo nomination process leaves so little to explaining what qualifies compared to Ingress.

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    Nominating in PoGo didn't even give a tutorial. You could just do it. I think it was very strangely implemented.

  • PoGo players around here in germany mostly know the rules, we got no issues at all. Not worse Ingress players. And that bit of trash that appears goes to the bin in 99% of all cases.

    So yeah, take your anti PoGo player behaviour and put it where the sun doesn't shine. Or at least stop pretending everyone is dumb.

    But yeah, Niantic could do better at giving examples what's a good Waypoint before allowing nominating. Even though players should know through playing already.

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    in proportion ingress has the same ammount or even more of dumb people/abusrse than pogo, but apparently you dont know what does that mean that is why you make this request

    i would even prefer ingress to have 7 nominations too

  • @Ech0Tom I'd have to agree that pogo requires more XP but it is far easier to gain that XP in pogo with lucky eggs, friendship and raids. I'm a L40 "Trainer" and L12 Ingress "Agent" and have to say that the medal requirements and gaining AP on Ingress to level up are much more difficult to achieve. Most pogo trainers that I've seen try playing Ingress gave up quickly because it was too difficult to level up. I feel Niantic should have some type of medel requirements in order to level up in order to make it similar to Ingress requirements. Also they should require trainers to at the minimum watch a tutorial before the nomination button becomes available.

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    just let people nominate what they want. If they submit garbage, then vote a 1 on it and get an easy agreement. These lousy submissions are getting you your upgrades faster. If they get in, who cares, are they even in your area of play? If so, go get the new unique hack and/or stop and never visit there again.

    Niantic just needs to worry about keeping the games fresh and going, because if they go out of business, it doesn't matter what is unique or what is ****, it all gets deleted.

  • 0X00FF000X00FF00 ✭✭✭✭✭

    My own L40 came all of 15 months into playing, and I’m up to quintuple the required XP now. And that’s without bothering much with silly Lucky Eggs or dozens of raids a day.

    I've only recently made it to L14 in Ingress, although I’ve long had the badges, had all my golds/plats/onyxes needed for L13/L16 since L11. My glorious moment hitting that gorgeous onyx Illuminator is still my phone’s lockscreen pic lol.

    It was absolutely easier to get to L40 than L12, simply due to the weirdness in the way the frenemy team played around here. I’d share more details on some of that nastiness, but these forums don’t seem to have any PM facility.

    I'd put getting to L40 roughly at par with maaaybe L10 around here, maybe a bit lower. If I had enough time to play 10-12 hours a day, more like L8-9.

    But the part that churns my gut is twofold:

    1. How many many more Pogo players there are, and
    2. how few of them here care AT ALL about little things like “one player, one account”

    My biggest consolation locally is that at least I’m fairly well liked and respected around here, and they generally believe me about what is and is not an acceptable submission. So at least there’s a minimum of couch-waypoints being submitted here, thank goodness.

    It also helped that we’d preemptively submitted at least 1-2 things at the local city parks, and now every park has at least one portal/stop/gym. Mind you this was done when OPR kept rejecting all baseball diamonds and tennis courts, so there is still indeed plenty available for them to do now too lol

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    Took me 6 weeks to hit 12 first time, 4 weeks to hit it after i recursed and thats because I really took my time with it.

    if you pay for lucky eggs and car raid all day And pay tonnes of money for raid passes maybe you could do L40 in about the same time, but without Massive pay to win theres no chance

  • @HungryKiIIer agreed, an exam should be taken to both submit & review

  • Svizac28Svizac28 ✭✭
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    In my opinion giving Pokemon GO rights to submit and review was a huge mistake. I play both Ingress and PoGO and know these people. All pokemon players I play with have openly stated that they will approve everything just to get more Pokestops. They don't care about Niantic's Portal Guidelines at all. And the results are already showing, so many new Pokestops/Portals that should never been portals.

    And there is no way to ever fix this. You cannot report invalid portal for "doesn't meet criteria". If dumb pokemon players got it through than it stays in the game.

  • Good that no one is doing that here. Guess mostly because we got nomination 4 months before Wayfarer access, so people learned their **** doesn't go through and they got tired of submitting bs. Same kind of people who were too tired to do any Wayfarer work when it was released.

    Well, actually, I also get a whole lot of nomination from Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and all other countries around germany. These are like 90% valid as well. So it's really a mentality thing.

    The PoGo players in my group who do review stuff, do it according to the rules. Someone in another local group faked himself a home stop and pretty much got scolded for it and the Waypoint marked for removal.

    Only solution I see for areas with problems is having trusted people who take care of Waypoints in a given area. Maybe by being able to do it through the intel map since you can't expect a person to check the whole area constantly. And giving them a list of accepted Waypoints in chronological order then. Of course people would have to nominate themselves for that position. Niantic could decide by the quality of their ratings and their own accepted Waypoints. It's then just another work they would throw back at players, but it's not possible to get rid of bad stuff in a reasonable time everywhere otherwise.

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