Adding a New Portal tab for comms

Now that pokemon go players are getting new portals/pokestops approved it would be helpful to have notifications of new portals in comms. This would facilitate the upvote process to promote gyms in pokemon go, so that gyms are added in locations which are appropriate and accessible for the majority of pokemon go players. We have a local discord group that has several Ingress players in it, to help in the photo upvote process, but we only know about new portals that are group has submitted, so some new portals might get gyms selected that are not ideal. If we had a comms channel that announced new portals the group would have one place to go and it would greatly facilitate upvoting.



  • People like me? I've been playing Ingress for 7 years and I'm on my 2nd recursion. Been playing pokemon go since the beginning. I do see a value in knowing about new portals in my area besides the upvoting, so I can know they are out there and go get a unique. I'm trying to bridge the gap here until Niantic hopefully catches up. Seems like a pretty easy development just to add a new comms section, but I'm sure they would turn it into something more complicated. I'm in favor of more interaction with other games. The upvoting gym mechanics is flawed but it has resulted in pogo players being interested in Ingress. I look at it as a challenge to bridge the 2 world's, and figure out the S2 cells, S14 and S17 levels, its given me a better understanding of what is going on in the background and why some things are the way they are.

  • Random gym locations is a bad idea. It has already resulted in gyms in unsafe locations and on properties that dont want a bunch of pokemon go activity. Upvoting more accessible locations isnt gaming the system it's doing the right thing by putting a gym where the players want it, and will benefit the majority, and not just a random location where it wont get used.

  • Huh, thought this was a place where people shared their ideas about Ingress and building communities, guess not.

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    New tab in comm just to show unique? Pretty useless, actually. Pokemon Go already got a perfect system for this function (floating halos over pokestop) they just need to repeat the code.

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    I've noticed that Castles in HPWU tend to spawn in parks. That is controlable and also a replicable code chunk :D

  • Seems useful to me, I know when I'm at a portal I've never been to in Ingress, but other than scouring intel to find new portals there isnt a way when I'm just out and about to see new portals. The upvoting mechanic in Ingress, honestly seems useless to me seems like a way to troll other players, and doesnt add anything to game play. So just remove it from Ingress and add to pogo where it serves an actual purpose.

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    It does add change in gameplay, since a better picture may improve identification of the target portal. Or just by making it better looking is already a improvement.

    A new tab just to earn about a new portal creation is what is almost useless and add no change in gameplay. A floating "something" is a far better option for unique identification.

  • So upvoting in Ingress is just window dressing? What about encouraging exploration, taking a different path to where you are going because you know a new portal is there. I guess the floating new portal note would be good, but it needs to have a longer range. It seems like the pogo players are at least trying to make things better, and want access to make portal edits which will improve Ingress.

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    What about encouraging exploration, taking a different path to where you are going because you know a new portal is there.

    That's a good point, but be honest, it's not your original goal. You just want to "gaming" a flawed system. To explore new places there's the Intel, and if the hovering halo be added ingress, the current view is enough to spot a new marked portal.

    It seems like the pogo players are at least trying to make things better, and want access to make portal edits which will improve Ingress.

    You couldn't be more wrong than that. Improve Ingress? Be honest, pokemon edits will improve Pokestop by messing with well placed portals by trying to moving them off is right location to outside it's s17 cell.

  • I believe my post is in the correct place. Ingress isn't a lone game in the universe, and if we are being honest, I think Ingress would have been dead years ago, if not for pokemon go keeping it alive. I'm sure there is just as much abuse of portal edits in Ingress. The majority of times picture upvotes are just a way to troll someones couch or favorite portal, or to feed somebodies ego over having a better picture. If you don't like what I'm saying then just ignore me instead of making vehement declarations against a suggestion that I mentioned to my Ingress friends and they didn't seem to have a problem with it. I keep hearing these comments on developer time, what are these guys doing to add some new features. I guess I can read around and see what nonsense other people are recommending that won't actually be an addition to game play.

  • @GoblinGranate So where would I go to lobby for this feature in Pokemon Go, it's solidly an Ingress function and has no parity in Pokemon Go. That's why I came to the Ingress forum. Is there another forum on here that is already discussing this? I'm trying to be positive about this interaction but nobody in here has any good ideas, why would a post on the Pokemon Go forum get any better traction, it seems like it has to start with Ingress.

    I don't understand your speechlessness, or irritation at me proposing something new, please explain.

    Plenty of gyms that require walking and that is good, but from experience we've found that churches aren't too fond of gyms on their property. Even being respectful churches aren't too happy with a dozen pogo players showing up for a raid. Should we remove all church portals, what I try to do with new gyms, is put them in places where they don't cause as much impact or strife.

    What is this thing that already exists, that does no good at all?

  • You could just post your request in the regular cross faction comms channel if you are looking for upvotes for gym creation. However I do think a not insignificant number of players that see such a message, regardless of what channel it is in, will chose a different portal than the one requested out of spite.

    Seems it would be better served by letting Pokemon go players upvote pictures themselves, or maybe even submit new photos to existing poi's, and not have to reply on Ingress. Ingress would then benefit by potentially having more up to date pictures.

  • Thanks for your input, but this is Ingress that I'm talking about.

    Know my place? I have just as much right to recommend changes to Ingress as you do. Exploiting? Maybe shaping the pogo world.

    While that may be a good argument, I would say that strategic players are going to notice your "strategic portal" anyway.

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