60% agreement rate and poor Wayfarer Rating = JOKE



  • Just to make it clear, playgrounds and tennis courts and swimming pools in apartments are eligible, so if you're arguing against it, and using that as proof as some conspiracy against you, you are the problem.

    As for AMAs, PoGo players cannot access them. Not everyone is going to come here and when you guys are basically chasing PoGo players out when they do come, I mean, don't complain. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Also, don't use AMAs for POIs that have advice on Wayfarer because Wayfarer is the most recent. So, again if you're doing it, YOU are the problem.

  • In our chat we opened it up to submitters and asked them to post anything they were struggling to get accepted, most times we were able to tell the submitter the reasons why it was rejected and gave them advice on what to do differently when resubmitting and then it gets accepted.

    a lot of the issues is that when submitting we can really understand why the submission is important but you need to communicate that to people that have never been there, that is a vital part of wayfarer that people really struggle to understand.

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    no I am not doing that. I approve everyone accordingly. I have a sneaky suspicion some are down voting them. I keep getting the same thing dog parks, playgrounds, etc in apartments I vote fair and normally do not say no unless it is a duplicate or doesn't exist at the location. I have a feeling a lot of generic businesses are just getting a free pass. I have about a 44% approval to 18% rejection ratio on agreements so I am not deny every single thing I was up to 72% agreements out of 38K voted on not many people are above 67% from local groups I am in to see 70% percent agreements lifetime is not normal especially when you get past onyx. I am almost to 3x onyx.

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    Will add my comment here too so Niantic will be more aware of this problem that also effected me. Always had around 58% agreement ratio and from great to poor in less then a day.

    In the meantime i used up the chance to restore your OPR rating. (and probably others too)

    Niantic should give us the '2nd chance opportunity' back.

    There also reports from other experience OPR-reviewers that have seen their rating dropped to poor.

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    Funny, I went from Great to Poor. Took the test again, got back to great again, then fell back to good. I stopped reviewing for a while, now I have a 0.1% increase in agreements and I'm back in Great again.

    The emotional rollercoaster is too much xD

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    As has been said, it is based on your recent ratings instead of the whole history, which curbs the possible abuse of the system. So the agreement rate is indeed a terrible metric. Just because someone rated well in the past, doesn't mean that they're still rating well. Some reviewers seem to get overly picky over time, and start to reject submissions that should be 2-3* instead.

    Retaking the test seems unneccessary. It's currently easy to lose the rating, but also equally easy to regain it. I've flip-flipped between great and bad for quite a while. I just start skipping the unsure ones (nominations that might go either way) after dropping to bad, and I'm back to great in no time.

  • Lol stop fear-mongering. I asked you for proof and you provided none just more whining.

    If it's affecting you so much, stop reviewing, it seems that things would be better off without your input anyway.

  • How naive are some of you? There is no way to calculate your agreement rate with any accuracy because there are hundreds of reviews just left in limbo. I joined reviewing a few months ago and the state of some of you guys. No wonder this whole thing is a mess.

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    I've seen screenshots from wayfarer+ and it looks like it let's you know your agreement rating of just the reviews that have completed the process so there is a way to find out if you wanted to. Maybe chill out a bit, you've come out swinging for absolutely no reason. Most of us play PoGo too.

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    Hearing this complaint everywhere. The Pokemon Go reviewers are manipulating the voting and passing thing through that should definitely not be passed. Do the players need to sue Niantic to fix this?

  • I’m not convinced it’s just PoGo players giving high ratings causing this issue, I’m getting agreements on most the things I’m 1*ing so on the whole I seem to be agreeing with the majority but it’s the lots of 1*s in a row that seems to be messing up our ratings

  • I don't believe that has the ability to know which ones have come out. That would require knowing how the whole system works and would or should resort to a ban on those that are using it. From what I recall, it just calculates the numbers you have on screen.

    That's because I have witnessed this behaviour before, during and after the process and it is just constant demonising of PoGo players. Whether you play PoGo or not is irrelevant, because the attitude towards PoGo players is abhorrently biased.

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    I don't use it and I'm having a hard time tracking down the screenshot I saw so I can't prove it so that's all I can tell you.

    I am a PoGo player and I've read a lot of what the community has been saying and nobody here is wrong in thinking the majority of players just don't care about the database. I think there is a middle ground between hyper critical Ingress reviewers and the sheer stubborn refusal to even read the guidelines on Wayfarer let alone seek out further clarification that's going on now with PoGo reviewers.

  • SoylentGrien has been in this constant whining state about PoGo players without any proof, so no change whatsoever. On the flip side, I could say, I have been facing no issues but the same elitist reviewing from mainly Ingress only players. Works both ways. You guys may face problems, but already I've posted proof that the system is having problems if you can go from red/yellow to green with no additional reviews and agreements. Direct your ire to your master Niantic.

    Where do you live? Seems like a lot of you love to ignore this question. You know what that is? Privilege. Probably living in a Western or developed country, but even then, considering the backlog that existed, no, I don't believe you. It is not a fact, what a joke you guys keep rolling out.

    Where I live, the backlog of years ago still remains. You still don't get anything in your area. I don't review for days/weeks and I still get agreements keep trickling through. I joined this August and reviewed 3100+ more than most active Ingress players in their lifetime of access and even when I stopped, they haven't caught up. So, of course there are still thousands stuck in the system.

    Anyway, I have posted proof and all you and others like you have done is shout facts that are actually assumptions and fear-mongering opinions. You have no actual proof, so stop calling it facts. Once again, a guy with 26 out of 27 (or 27 of 28) lifetime reviews was in red, and if you are going to blame that on PoGo players instead of Niantic's system breaking down, then there is nothing left to be said. Denial and illogical.

    People go into these threads because they are unfounded rubbish. You are facing an Issue and you can't even give any proof of your theory that was created months ago by Ingress elitists. Notice you used the word 'majority' without having any proof once again. A bunch of loud noises on this forum doesn't equal majority. You guys are like boomer WhatsApp echo chamber groups spouting out fake news that you cannot even see your own bias.

    I'm not saying that not a single **** portal has gone through, I'm sure there will be some, but the way people like yourself have blown this up is nothing short of fake sensationalism.

  • Who's to say the system is broken??

    Maybe it was always broken and niantic has fixed it. So you all was never great always poor and the now working rating system is proving this.

  • You just ignore anything that doesn’t agree with your view.

    ive said clearly I don’t think this issue is bad PoGo reviewers. It is most definitely bad PoGo submitters (although there was a lot of bad ingress submitters It wasn’t so bad I had to 1* 5+ submissions in a row so the system identified a pattern)

    the main issue as I see it is people aren’t reading the guidelines properly, ingress and PoGo are different styles of Games in that PoGo just needs lots of points of interest to create gyms whereas ingress players just need points of interest on their route. Pogo players are submitting any rubbish to try to force a gym and it’s quite obvious to see which are those submissions, they don’t care about guidelines.

    as for location, yes I’m in a Civilised western Country (UK) so my average wait times are about 5 months. I do have sympathy with those with wait times of years because I know how frustrating it is submitting and not knowing when you will hear back from it.

    as I see it there are 2 possible ways to resolve this issue.

    1) split the database, let Ingress players have “high quality portals” only and if Niantic are fine with PoGo players having every street sign as a point of interest then that’s Niantics problem not ours

    2) Niantic need to start auditing submitters and reviewers and providing feedback to both.

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    Whether or not people are whining, changes to the wayfarer platform's rating are apparent. The Wayfarer+ tool knows your total reviews and the amount of agreements you have. So it's totally capable of calculating your agreement percentage. The fact that ones rating is changing whilst no new agreements are coming through might be an indication that NIA is tweaking things or at the very least looking in to this.

    If some people were having issues, it might be an anomaly or relation to location, but I'm seeing way too many people having issues to say it's isolated to a certain location. As for the backlog, you're one user stating there still is a backlog, whilst NIA themselves communicated in the AMA that there isn't. Sorry if I'm not taking your word for it.

    No. I doubt the system was designed to **** over the users that spent years voting on stuff. They should be more clear about guidelines and expand the "possibly confusing submissions" list.

    Number 1 will never happen because they need the real world platform. Pokestops and gyms are already limited, they just need to stop players gaming the system with location edits to get their stuff in game.

  • Actually we know from the launch of Wizards Unite that all the points of interest (including proximity rejections) are stored somewhere else but at the moment everything automatically goes into Ingress first so they could probably quite easily keep their main database separate and only turn certain ones on for ingress

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    Maybe, but I don't think it's going to go that way. Because seperate databases or not, I doubt NIA wants to have POI's that are not at the actual location, no matter what game things come live in or not. Imagine having a church POI but it's 300 meters off because it's a stop/gym/inn or whatever, that's something they don't want regardless of the game they're live in.

    How do we know that is not something that was resolved by support? NIA clearly stated the backlog was cleared and that if you have 'stuck submissions' you should reach out to support. I've had this happen myself, four submissions were in 'superlimbo' as they called it back then, and I opened a ticket; within four hours all portals were live.

    Don't get me wrong, of course there could be issues we are unaware of, and maybe even NIA is unaware of, but that should not be the majority of cases.

  • It's not a view, these are facts. Why am I the only one using them? Why aren't you? That's what you should be asking yourself.

    I think they need to test reviewers every month. There are Ingress reviewers who are coasting on outdated guidelines, but there is a lot of abuse of what people prefer. For PoGo people keep saying they want to approve everything, but there are Ingress players still arguing that they have every right to reject apartment playgrounds. These people should be kicked off the platform.

    What would be amazing is if Niantic pulled out a historical vote on each submission, with all the 1* ones having the reasons why the reviewers submitted as such. Let us educate or report each other. Why should these be hidden anyway? Then, you can report those who are accepting ineligible portals and those who are rejecting valid ones. Keep arguing about PRP and get banned.

  • Where are you seeing this? On this forum? How many Ingress players are on here? How many PoGo reviewers are there? Keep talking as though your opinions are facts.

    You trust Niantic saying there is no backlog? I have a bridge to sell you. Still not said where you live eh?

    Do you really think places without enough or even any Ingress players had their backlog cleared? Privilege, privilege, privilege. The funny thing is, all it takes is 1 example to prove that Niantic/you are lying or perpetuating false information. The onus is not on me, but you because your stand is that it is 100% fixed.

    And lastly, agreement %. I cannot believe that there are people here, who claim to be old time reviewers have no idea about the agreement %. Besides obvious rejections and acceptances not reaching the required quota, there are those that are ambiguous or controversial that get stuck because it isn't clearly bad or good or people have no clue. Those remain there. There is NO WAY to calculate an accurate % because you don't know how many didn't reach a decision or that you failed to get an agreement on.

    Wayfarer tools does not know whether the portal you are reviewing is close to a final decision. It doesn't know anything. It's reading the front end data it receives.

  • Give the specific scores given to each nomination by each reviewer would end up with the nastiest targeting and harassment ever.

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