60% agreement rate and poor Wayfarer Rating = JOKE



  • The number of upgrades vs. reviews can also be a function of when the reviewer started relative to when upgrades were introduced.

    Also number of reviews vs. agreements depends tremendously on factors that have nothing to do with how good a reviewer somebody is. They can depend on when the reviews were done, what regions were covered, etc.

  • But again taking upgrades out of it if you got 60% in a test would that be great???

    When I review things I dont over think them. I do what niantic states under the last opr guide's. if it's a trail marker 5* then I look at the other things it asks. is it safe is it cultural etc and depending on all of that I rate exactly how they say to. This all counts to you rating.

    When I see people say that "if I see a nomination that tells me how I should vote I try look for reasons to vote things down". Then there is no wonder people are getting poor rating. Really guys it's as simple as the test just do what niantic ask, rate fairly on what you see and you will all have good ratings.

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    I did say this before but was shouted down about how this is ingress nothing to do with pokemon nothing will change. Well now niantic is working apparently on a wayfarer split.

    It was obvious that pogo was going to take over but people who cant accept change and refuse to vote fairly as are suffering. But pogo reviewing ratings are just as bad I know a dozen pogo players who are also in the red.

  • 2 points here, firstly back to your point of is 60% a bad score, well generally that depends on how other people around you do, i only try to compare my stats to others who are reviewing the same area, we aren’t getting 100% the same subs to review but over time it should even out, if they were getting 10% higher review agreements than me then I would question whether I’m reviewing correctly.

    why do you also assume we aren’t reviewing to guidelines, if you read up I listed many examples where our knowledge of the AMA questions and answers gave many examples where newer inexperienced reviewers would not know why something should be rejected and so it is likely on certain reviews we can be reviewing to guidelines and not get the agreement, Equally the other way round, some things that have been said on an AMA to be an acceptable submission may not be getting approved by people who haven’t read that

  • This comment more highlights why you don’t know what you are talking about, I very much doubt you are reviewing to guidelines, I am confident that you look at every review and vote according to which way you think the majority will go for the upgrade. You haven’t come across as someone who cares about what gets accepted

  • Well now niantic is working apparently on a wayfarer split.

    Huh? Source?

  • Probably proved my point. If your so up to date with AMAs you would have noticed in the last one.

    I do care what accept in wayfare but what is clear that you all still think that this is not a shared platform.

    I suggest that you watch the new video on what is acceptable, read the guidelines do the test this should help to get ratings back up into the green.

  • I certainly can. That's Novembers AMA under wayfarer. Hows that?

  • I didn't say they was splitting the data base I said wayfarer. From this ingress group.

  • Can you just copy and paste the question and answer you talking about because your references to this question don’t make sense if we don’t know the question

  • Not especially helpful. Here's the entirely of the November AMA under Wayfarer. I am still missing whatever it is you are talking about:

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    It doesn't say or imply that anywhere in the AMA either

  • I have been great also since day 1 of level 12, I have reviewed over 6000 and dropped to red twice already, and then recovered to green.

    Once I was given a test, and then the second time I just evaluated around 30 more and just went to green.

    It's way too unpredictable at the moment with the majority of the voters being players from the other game and just a few being from Ingress.

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    Yeah, what they said. Until this week, I've been rated great/green andv I've always been around 50% agreement. There's more to this rating than just that number.

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    For what it's worth I had someone in my PoGo community ask me today if I'd lost my Ingress submissions yet. There seems to be a rumor that it's all going to be for PoGo players now and I'm not sure where that's coming from

  • Where do you stay?

    I personally believed that the process of submissions -> Wayfarer access done for countries pre-global release was the way to go about it, but I don't feel sorry for Niantic at all if they have devalued their asset because of the absolutely awful way they handled it. They released submissions a year ago as a beta and did nothing between then and now. Why did they gatekeep for so long? Only they can answer- probably laziness and to stretch out content.

    Now the ghosts of Christmas' past has come back to haunt them. One game should never have had power over another but they let it happen for nearly 2 years with regards to EX Gyms. There shouldn't be a cell limit that is different in every game, but there is. Many players double or triple up on these games so to see POIs existing in others makes no sense.

    It seems at the core, they do not understand their own product which makes it easy to make these mistakes. Once again, I am not sympathetic in the slightest. I don't get paid to do the work, so if they can't organise themselves and if they alienate people like yourselves, it's not my problem. I am reviewing to get agreements and luckily in my area which 'benefitted' from the delay between submitting and reviewing, the POI database is still aligned with the guidelines, but if it becomes a true deluge of acceptances, can you feel bad for anyone? I save my time, and the subs are going through. It takes forever now (even with PoGo reviewers) and I don't get paid for this. There is no downside.

    Your mistake was putting faith in this incompetent developer.

  • Also, I see a number of people misunderstanding what the % bar is.

    You're not at 48% or 67%. That bar just tells you how many agreements you currently have and when it hits 100%, you get an upgrade.

    I mean, if some of you don't even know that, it makes it hard to trust your "the problem is everyone else not me" shenanigans.

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    They didn't open it up to pogo reviewers until after the lawsuit was settled. Does this shed a little light on why it took soooooo long. The stupidity of a few pogo players caused that.

  • I want to speculate, too! Global wayfarer came at the same time as "mom'n'pop-businesses could seek sponsorship AND earlier they lost a bunch of big sponsors. Maybe the internal nay-sayers couldn't argue against steps to retake the lost business?

  • I may have misread, but the alternative is even more moronic. That is, calculating the drop by using the stats available on the profile screen. Every time you review your % will drop because most nominations take forever to exit with a decision. A comparable situation would be starting to review, review 100 and claim your agreement % is 0. I gave them the benefit of the doubt, but either way it's really not accurate.

    It's like the only thing Ingress players do is complain about PoGo players. This is the system we are all working with.

    Most players don't live in the States. Why must this continually be reminded?

    Wayfarer itself was basically a front-end reskin.

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    Is it really just ingress players complaining? I play both and people are telling me open in chats they are going to ignore the AMA guides because it isn't on wayfarer calling me a liar. Yeah I am sorry but it is bad. I am at the point if any of these false submissions start making it in going to report for takedown because they are affecting people who actually care to do it the right way. I mean telling me to fudge a lake fountain to the shore that is exactly the problem I am seeing a lot of park objects being shifted for a stop or trying to pass of very low quality objects in a S2 cell for pogo nevermind doing it right they got to have to have a stop or gym no matter what niantic says meets the guide. I actually dare to submit trail markers or apartment complex tennis courts denied people are not following the rules and until niantic does something the system is going to fall apart. Yes upgrades are taking longer probably due to so much trash being submitted and niantic dinging anyone who is voting via the guide. Betting I got dinged for people ignoring the guide on apartments when everyone wants to send in a pool, playground, dog park etc yeah lets be honest how much is being voting the wrong way according to the guide?

  • Is this really any different compared to Ingress reviewers who don't read the guidelines? Any internal decoration (ELIGIBLE) is trashed off. Private residential property continues to be interpreted however they want ie reject if they themselves cannot access it etc.

    A lot of people think they are better than they actually are.

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