TESSERA Round 4 - Myriad's Taunt

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Truthseekers: I am led to believe that the clues for this Tessera are being dropped piece by piece. The Tethered Hand did not tell me the name of it or if the Tessera itself is already out there. I will update as we learn more.



4 out of 5 clues were found. I was not told that the Tessera has dropped or not. The 5th piece must hold some extra accuracy to accomplishing our goal here. Let's all stay put, but aware.

1/5 @Maropeng: Cradle of Humankind, South Africa - along with the Omnivore Tessera.

2/5 @ Kaohsiung Lighthouse, Taiwan - along with the Retribution Tessera.

3/5 @ A Fountain by the Iguazu Falls, Brazil - along with the Who Killed Enoch Dalby Tessera.

4/5 @ Captain Cook Landing Place, Australia - along with the Who Killed Carrie Campbell Tessera.


All 5 pieces of clues are out. According to Agents' decoding results and the message on Januslaboratorium, "You know where & you know when, sometimes you just have to be patient until then." we are expected to see the Tessera surface at very specific dates and time frame. Meanwhile, what do you all make of the PASSPHRASE in the clue for the mystery live-drop?

5/5 @ Global

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