Censoring words in this forum

Please can we stop it with the random censoring of words in this forum? I am now finding posts where I can't understand exactly what the poster wanted to say because one of their words was replaced with asterisks. As I have had this happen to one of my own posts, I know that the poster was given no warning that this would happen - it seemingly successfully posted but words were randomly replaced.

Moreover, a couple of weeks ago I posted something completely innocuous which the forum decided had to be sent to the mods for approval; they approved it, thus demonstrating that it was indeed innocuous, and now that same post (which was intact when it first appeared) has an important word replaced by asterisks. The word in question was a common Unix command which is used to terminate a process.

To my mind this is much worse than randomly sending posts to be approved by moderators, although that in itself was a bit silly because the mechanism was very trigger-happy.



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