[SITREP] ENL 💚 Leeds

RoseyMacdooRoseyMacdoo ✭✭✭

All the best plans are born over beers, right….?

Giddy from a victorious day at the Umbra anomaly in Antwerp, a group of ENL Agents from Leeds UK, were having some celebratory drinks and coming up with ideas for future adventures. Following the brilliant Starbattle of Puppids project and helping out on the York site, Agent RoseyMacdoo had been eager to try a starburst in Leeds, and so the seeds of a plan were sewn.

Upon returning to the UK a team was assembled and a date put in the diary. After much squinting at the Intel map, a central portal was chosen and RoseyMacdoo decided to turn the starburst plan into a piece of field art, to show how much Leeds ENL love their city…..

Finally after a couple of weeks of planning and key farming, the team assembled early on a cold November morning, and executed the plan to envelop Leeds city centre in a gorgeous green heart.


Enlightened 💚 Leeds!


  • RoseyMacdoo
  • SnicketSurfer
  • AgentTrulia
  • Misstinker
  • Dex5tarr
  • BirtSampson
  • DrClawson
  • Cunrah
  • 1p0kem0n1
  • oooSNAFUooo
  • Gargamel1983
  • MrJon1234 (who sadly had to dash off before the photo!)


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