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Title of the Portal: Abraçada

Location: 42.004266,2.824415

City: Girona

Country: Spain

This portal has already been removed 3 times and is removed with false reports from the toxic Resistance community of this city. They report this portal saying it is on school grounds. They make a fraudulent use of the rules since it is perfectly visible that it is on the street (and has been approved 3 times by the community).

It is a very valid and beautiful monument (with a message that is "to prohibitions, hugs") and that the resistance do not like. The reason is that it is close to where Enlightened players live and make interested use of the rules, with foul play and false reports that already end up getting legal players tired.

Please do something because otherwise they will continue to report it so they can be deleted as soon as it is re-created.

Photos to support your claim:

[Edit] New info:

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  • I agree with you. This portal is valid. As you can see on this screenshot of Google street view, this monument is accessible: you can see the street and the stairs to access to this monument.

    I hope the portal comes back to the ingress portal network

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    Do you have any evidence, like GIS data, that shows that the lot is not part of the school?

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    Add new information:

    link to official web map of city hall with the school zone (grey zone is the school zone)

    and this is the pack with images (official gov web about estate, the previous one of the city hall with a screenshot and others to help see where the monument is located)

  • Appeal Denied- Thanks for the appeal, Agent. We have taken another look but stand by our decision to retire this Portal.

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