Nia Should Remove Recon Badge

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I'm sorry if this has been reposted in the past.

Since OPR is no longer a thing, in my opinion Recon Badge should have been removed with the introduction of wayfarer, since it's something totally different in many ways.

Apart from that, it came to my attention that there a bug with linking Pokémon and Ingress accounts and low level ingress accounts are getting the Recon Badge, just by doing wayfarer with their Pokémon access.

If Niantic is unable to separate stats from one game to another, they should just remove the badge. There was an error displaying this embed. There was an error displaying this embed. There was an error displaying this embed. There was an error displaying this embed.


  • I don't think using Wayfarer under level 12 helping the recon badge is a glitch. If a player uses multiple Niantic games and qualifies for Wayfarer on 1, why shouldn't they get credit toward badges/medals in all games that participate? (Yes I know it's only 2 for now.)

    You're completing the same task regardless of how you qualify to do so, so you should get credit for doing it anywhere they award credit.

  • So what?

    As @cmonineedaname so rightly pointed out, why shouldn't people get credit for their efforts in improving the POI database?

    Because they started out playing one game, then switched to another?

    As Colonel Sherman Potter of the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital might say: "Horse puckey!"

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    It was confirmed somewhere else that this was part of the design and people can use the wayfarer badge toward their level up goals. This causes zero issue for the game, a badge doesnt have to be locked behind a level as they are doing the equal work to earn the actual badge.

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    Yeah. Besides, it's not like the bad old days of the Seer badge, where people were submitting anything and everything to have half a chance at getting a coveted onyx medal (I mean, jeez, people were submitting squirrels sitting on stumps - and getting them approved! - back then.)

    Nowadays, you actually have to do some proper work to get a relevant badge. There are rules you have to follow, and if you don't follow them, then - if memory serves - your work doesn't count towards badge progress.

    (At least, that's how it's supposed to work; there are claims that newer reviewers are trying to game the system, and that in so doing they've been affecting the standing of older ones.)

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    @AgentB0ss I'd advised a local player who was coming from Pogo to use the same google account for his new Ingress. So he did. Had a mostly pleasant 2+ hour conversation with the guy after a Pokemon raid hour, and he joined our team.

    He then, overnight, abandoned that account and picked the opposing team. He'd previously admitted in person to having been banned in Pogo once, for the terrible sin of spoofing via emulated Android. He raced to L10 in Ingress just to be able to submit, causing much kerfuffle in COMMs, and promptly abandoned the game and his new other-team friends (who also have stopped playing now).

    Ironically after all that effort just to be able to submit, suddenly Pokemon players can now submit anyway. Part of me still wonders if he was using his banned Pokemon gmail for his shiny Ingress account? I'll never know.

    But eventually, if Niantic ever DOES do its support job, his original (now abandoned) Ingress account will end up getting banned or deleted ... potentially impacting his Pokemon submissions/reviews. And his current Ingress account already risks the same, because it's attached to a redflagged Pokemon account.

    Moral of the story folks, don't cheat in either game.

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    Lets start with the basic's, the badge will never get removed why would it? Peoples profiles are made up of dozens of badges that are not longer attainable. They discontinued the Seer Badge since it was poorly thought out, but that's still in people profiles that attained it.

    What you might be trying to make a case for is discontinuing the Recon Badge, perhaps to be replaced by a Wayfarer one. There is no rational logic for that since Wayfarer is just OPR with a new name and a coat of paint. Everything you did reviewing submission is exactly the same as it's been for years (except with a new mandatory 2nd picture).

    Yes people playing other Niantic games can submit and yes they can review but nothing else has change. The only possible reason anyone would want the badge replaced with a new one is if they already had Onyx or better and they wanted to feel special by trying to restrict anyone else form getting it.

    As for your other issue, so in your Profile it will show you have X amount of Portals Discovered and X amount of OPR Agreements before you hit level 10/12 so what. If they are submitting and reviewing on a linked email account it should show on your Ingress stats, Just like you name should be on the portal even if you submit it through pogo (not sure if that actually is a thing or not).

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    Who cares if lower level players are getting agreements? They are still the same player and still earned their right to be at the table even if it was through another game

  • It's exactly the same badge for the same activity. The name is irrelevant.

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