Appeal of Portal Removal

Category: Appeal of Portal Removal

Title of the Portal: Gayety Theater

Location: 39.289640, -76.610080

City: Baltimore, Maryland

Country: United States

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: N/A – appeal of portal removal

Photos to support your claim: See below.

The portal that was removed is The Gayety Theater. Note that this portal is the historic theater building, not the business currently located within the building. Krug just clarified in the AMA released today that buildings/murals/features that are portal worthy on their own should be evaluated on their own merit and not as the business located on the property.

This historic theater building still exists. It’s significance is evidenced through:

·        Listing in the Library of Congress -

·        Listing on the Baltimore Heritage website -

·        Entry in the Historic American Buildings Survey -

The portal that was removed was previously approved through OPR and meets several of the criteria provided by Niantic for good portal submissions:

·        A location with a cool story, a place in history (Oldest remaining burlesque theater in Baltimore; famous performers including Abbott and Costello, Jackie Gleason, and Gypsy Rose Lee performed there)

·        Cool piece of unique architecture (“Designed by preeminent theatre designers J.B. McElfatrick & Sons of New York, the Gayety uses Baroque and Art Nouveau ornament in a whimsical way to advertise the entertainment within.” – Historic American Buildings Survey)

It does not meet any of the criteria for reporting an invalid portal in Ingress Prime and should be restored.

·        It has safe pedestrian access – the sidewalk in that location is in excess of 8’ wide. The portal can be reached from the sidewalk without entering the building.

·        It does not obstruct or interfere with emergency services - there are no emergency service buildings located on that block.

·        It is not private residential property – there is no residential property on that block.

·        It is not a school – the nearest school or daycare is at least ¼ mile away.

·        It has not been permanently removed. The historic building has existed in this location since 1905 and still exists (see photo and links provided). 

·        It is not a duplicate of another portal.

Thank you.



  • Is more information needed to get a response to this appeal? I see that appeals posted this week have had responses, and this one was posted two weeks ago. Thank you.

  • @NianticMP and @NianticKN, could I get a decision on this appeal submission? Do you need more information to make a decision? Thank you.

  • Important and vivid city history! This should be restored

  • I was reading some of the history on the Gayety. From its heyday in the 1910s and 1920s— The Gayety’s bill included nationally prominent comedians such as Abbott and Costello, Phil Silvers, Jackie Gleason and Red Skelton—the Gayety was a “top-of-the-line” burlesque house. That is so cool!!

  • The Gayety has been a part of Baltimore history since 1906. It has Baroque and Art Nouveau ornamentation on its facade which makes it architectuly significant. This was a style used back at the turn of the twentieth century.

  • I was sad when this was removed since it has so much historic significance. I hope it is appealed soon!

  • @NianticKN or @NianticMP, this appeal request is more than a month old. Is something more needed for a decision to be made? Could one of you please acknowledge that you have seen the request and it will be reviewed? Thank you.

  • @NianticCasey - thanks for the comment in the other thread. This is the appeal I was referring to that has not had a response. Thank you.

  • Thanks for the reminder @amygeebee, I had previously requested this removal appeal be processed but it looks like it's still pending. I'll bump it up again with the team.

  • Appeal Denied- Thanks for the appeal, Agent. We have taken another look but stand by our decision to retire this Portal.

  • Its a shame to lose quality portals like this one.

  • Wow - I've been really surprised by some of the removals being upheld lately. This is one for sure - hard to imagine what could have justified its removal.

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