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Anyone else find reporting serious infractions a waste of time?

i looked over some recent reports and found their thorough investigations took around two hours.

Utterly pointless or uselful?



  • What kind of rule violation did you complain about?

  • ArtilectZedArtilectZed ✭✭✭✭✭

    No, but it takes patience and sticking with it. Don't call the person you're reporting out in comm, stick to just the facts, and file the report. It can take months sometimes, but it always works out in the end.

  • Harassment and live and in person bullying usually gets a reprimand if sorts. Aside from that, tattling on a person will usually just get the ticket closed. What is it you regard a serious infraction?

  • Hi Animalcontrol - this agent has been Jarvising my portals. A lot of high level ones, smashing them and rebuilding them as lower level. Then caping that off with some link amps or two itos.

    He comes to my suburb a lot and lurks around also

  • Hi 1AlekS1,

    See above. That’s the mere basics. I’ve been harassed in comms, followed and filmed on a dashcam. And a whole lot more.

    They are on my team!!

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    Ever happened to you that a ticket is insta-resolved? Like you open it, then check open tickets and boom, solved.

    Happened to me 2 years ago, no explanation given.

    Time later, went to an anomaly, did all steps required for badge, never got the badge. No solution provided. At my last ticket, I just gave up on the badge and asked what step did I NOT complete.

    Another year passed, still waiting for the answer. Ticket was raised by local PoC. All gone.

    So, yeah, I think I can relate to the formula: Support Ticketing = Waste of Time.

    EDIT: I just took top tickets, I don't know how many tickets I've opened in all these years (not many) but I can assure NONE of them got the effect I expected. In summary: ticketing has 0% efficiency to me.

  • There are no infractions in this. I’m really sorry you’ve got this going on in your game. The person is being a crazy ****. Sometimes I’d tell you to fight fire with fire, but in this situation I wouldn’t want to feed into it. Just about every time I’ve seen a smurf against smurf, or frag against frog issue like this, it’s in an area that heavily dominated by that color. It’s as if there is t enough of the other faction, and they start fighting with one another over space to play. My first guess would be you’d shot yolos (derp links) from those portals the other agent has been flipping. He’s obviously upset about something. Are you a newer player in the area? I ask because sometimes long time players become jerks when a new player shows up an inadvertently messes up their routine. Bottom line is, the agent should have reached out to you, and not treated you like an enemy.

  • Hi Azhreia and AnimaIControI,

    Azhreia I belive it goes against the Community Guidelines, it's nasty game behaviour and a total waste of resources better used against the other team.

    But they are blocked obviously and I don't respond. To date he has done this to over 50 of 'my' portals (I know no one owns a portal, but you know...)

    AnimalControl - no, I am the only player in this park area and worked to build it up and link it for over a year. I recruited my partner and managed to level up my portals. It was my farm, pretty much the only place I could get gear as my home turf gets attacked daily.

    Here's the kicker, we were fairly close friends...until he got a bit weird and professed his feelings for me a number of times. I have a long term partner which he knew.

    I really hope this behaviour hasnt been a reaction to this - he has taken out my oldest portals (interesting he knew which they were) and then started flipping L8 linking portals. That's affecting the entire team and is not on.

    It's all proposterous really. This is a game. Play it and enjoy it. Don't be a dick to others and if you can't stop - maybe find another hobby!

  • Interestingy, this players partner in crime was banned by Niantic today. Given Niantic's mysterious ways, we don't know what for. But it might have started a ball rolling towards dealing with bad sportsmanship.

  • Animalcontrol. It’s normal game okay for an opposing player. Not by your own team.

  • AnimalControl, that’s kind of rude so perhaps we should leave this here.

    My initial comment didn’t pertain to this one player. I am shocked at how many multi accounts still survive. And spoofers. And data scrapers.

    coincidentally, the player bugging me happens to be a data scraper. He is known to have multi accounts and generating his own passcodes for gear.

    I can really only provide hard facts on his data scraping , the rest is harder to put on paper. He doesn’t help himself by posting stuff he’s done on reddit under his game IGN.

  • Well then why didn’t you lead with that? I asked you what the infractions where, and you said he’d been flipping your stuff.

  • Players cannot generate their own passcodes for gear, just FYI.

  • I believe he’s suggesting that they can. That there’s some techy sort of cheat for that, and that this guy exploits it.

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    sorry, I can’t get this commenting right on my phone. People can generate their own passcodes. I’ve seen a code online for it but wouldn’t have the foggiest idea how to use it.

    And sorry for not mentioning the cheating straight up. I was interested in gauging a reaction without that knowledge.

    but back to my original question - there’s a known multi accounter in my area. His IGNs are so obvious as well. I don’t understand how he hasn’t been banned yet? He’s certainly been reported

  • No, lol, u can't generate your own stock code. Just think about it.

    Niantic generates codes and assigns a certain output and number of redeems to that code. When you try to redeem it via scanner, it is matched to the codes Niantic generated, and if a match is found and the code is not fully redeemed yet, it will award you the output provided you have space and haven't redeemed it before.

    Claiming that he can generate his own stock codes is the same as claiming he can generate his own boarding passes.

  • Azhreia - lol I’ve seen it for myself.

    This isn’t it and I wouldn’t know how to use it or suggest you do - but people in coding can do a lot.

    If players can work out how to spoof, multi account and other cheats - why not passcodes too?

  • As I said - ‘This isn’t it and I wouldn’t know how to use it or suggest you do’ - I am aware of what that code does.

    But you evidently know a lot more about what cheats can do within this game. As opposed to myself, who only witnessed passcodes being generated with my own eyes.

    Youre more than welcome to disagree, but saying something does not make it fact.

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    I'd assume this would actually need actual access to Niantic servers or someone helping them on Niantic side, unlike spoofing (client-side passes synthetic location data to server instead of real GPS data) and multi-accounting (user creates an another account just like they created the initial one).

    My reasoning is that the passcodes are quite obviously pre-generated when needed for various events, otherwise we would not be seeing e.g. varying amounts of times they can be used before they are fully redeemed or specific outputs. It would be very surprising if that could be done without access to Niantic intra.

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    Let's try Occam's razor here. Which is more likely:

    1) A totally game-breaking way of cheating exists, and this has been revealed solely to you, No other person on this, the official forum has ever mentioned it, shown evidence of it or claimed it could even theoretically exist.

    2) You saw someone using an existing passcode, and you misunderstood how they got it.

    Before going for 1), please bear in mind that the only way you could be sure that what you saw was a new passcode and not one of the 170 or so that you can find online by googling is to have memorised all 170+ perfectly. If you haven't done this, then 2) looks a lot more likely.

  • VSSXVSSX ✭✭✭

    you are correct, the "investigations" of Niantic, do not take them seriously, in fact I consider them an insult to our intellect. today I just lost confidence in your reporting system. They haven't done anything after so much injustice. Once again Niantic lets us all down.

  • RedSoloCup - thanks so much for reading this and clearing it up. It must be his spoof accounts that are getting him so much gear.

    Can you suggest what I can do here? This player is harassing me and I know he uses a data scraping site.

    I don’t feel confident enough with the reporting system to bother reporting all the stuff they’ve done to me.


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