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TR3 POLL: Osiris Hank Transmission

Here are the Placement Predictions for this Tessera. The Enlightened only made one Prediction, C06, for this Tessera, so that will be submitted to the Tethered Hand, and we will not be including it in the poll.

Voting on this poll will close on November 20th at 1800 UTC.

TR3 POLL: Osiris Hank Transmission 2342 votes

RES cyblocker: G06
KalalessAiyubcjdiesel1980tabinecokingofjokerHegel075ZorongolloLinkDanB10DchiakeshiChicken3ggtan1234jpCrazyOneDemonelRi0ZorigModularModularHaptoa21schizoidmanb0uldergn0meAWildParrish 1427 votes
RES Miketrevis: G07
grendelwulfJenpockejquirischaMarioSyshuGargishMonkeyPeltVISTORONsimurghkidobarrettVangsnessWedgeRivkaZekedasCameleonGVA1azynscodiwil 14 votes
RES D4veEv4d: G05
RaveheartbeekillersaakaoJohtajaSuedschwedeShogun79XQlusioNRaidohliyu1UPafusAneristicBaronElreyMrMoutkatopsinterlockingpr0mschubedaankalouBaTallicailderKiller 901 votes


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