60% agreement rate and poor Wayfarer Rating = JOKE


You have loads of dedicated Ingress Agents who review for you. We believe in the QUALITY and INTEGRITY of the POI database.

I live in London, but in an area where historically few agents live, and even fewer actively discovered new POI. Subs here don't reach consensus without upgrades (I currently have one on its third day in voting). My oldest sub is from April 17th. 5 of my 10 oldest subs are still in queue.

I currently have 75 subs in the system (41 in queue, 34 in voting) , but every single one of them will need an upgrade if it is to reach a final decision this side of New Years 2021.

I haven't changed how I am rating. And yet you have essentially killed the only way I am going to ever get these portals to full review in a reasonable time.

So many Agents in our Telegram chats are reviewing less or even quitting because there's no point reviewing when something else is out there gaming the system. You are getting fewer reviewers and an even bigger backlog. Releasing Wayfarer to Pokemon Go trainers hasn't made it better. It's made it worse.

Please fix this not just for submitters in city cells, but for every agent who has dedicated days of their life to improving your POI database.



  • Interesting comparison, my rates are very different than yours, but I'm in a rural area with tons of backlog for good portals (parks, churches, large public commissioned art)

    You reject approx 0.45 portals for every one you accept, I'm at 0.25. you duplicate 0.001 portals per accept, I have 0.04. So you are rejecting 2x more frequently but I'm duplicating 40x more frequently. It's definitely geographic, as we have a massive backlog. My agreement rate was at 30% but I've always been in the green simply because we haven't had enough reviewers to get agreements. Since there is a backlog (5 months or more), there are lots of duplicates.

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    I went from Great to Poor and needing to redo the test to reset my rating within 10 mins. I got 3 warnings before this happened, don't know why I got them, one was right after editing and the third was after 1* something within the guys living room.

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    Niantic Support have just told me I need to review the training before I redo the test.

    Because apparently it's 100% on me being a bad reviewer and nothing to do with the community reviewing not according the guidelines we followed prior to global Wayfarer release.

    Total victim blaming.

  • Stop whining and keep reviewing. If you don't, then don't complain about trash coming through and a triangle not being on your favorite color, because then you lost all rights to do so.

    And what are these Accepted to Rejected rates? The half and more rejected. Maybe the problem here is you with a too strict view?

    I got one of 2676 to 681 and I can tell that everything I voted positive for was according to the rules. Also agreement rate of 39% and being almost an evergreen. Maybe Germans know how to not constantly nominate trash or are way too lazy to do so. :P I actually read that German PoGo players tend to be stricter than Ingress players. From what I read in my group this even may be true.

    Also the trash nominations and troll reviewer will lose interest at some point when they notice stuff doesn't come through.

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    I have been tracking my numbers since wayfarer was release and just today I have gone from great (green ) to yellow and as you can see not much has really changed ?!? And why is my recon total bigger than my agreement total ?

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    WRONG. They counted duplicates all right. They just didn't have a separate heading for them.

    Previously, they were lumped in under "Rejected".

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    I dont want to burst anybodys bubble because apparently everybody is the king of kings regarding to review

    but havent you thought that probably after tweaks, improvements, fixes, etc in reality means that you werent as good as you thought and your past even if you have agreement ratio over 60% is affecteing you, and if you dont change some stuff your present will affect your future and will go into red

    summary tl:dr you arent as good as you thought and the system ralized that, goes for everbody, now my fans disagree with me because i am smarter than you

  • Okay so firstly, that is an assumption you are making. I don’t believe Niantic ever clarified in documents or AMAs how ‘duplicates’ fit into the stats previously (whether it counted as ‘accepted’, ‘rejected’ or neither). A caps-lock ‘wrong’ seems way overboard.

    Secondly, it is missing the point of my post. The person I was responding to was using the number under ‘Duplicates’ to analyse the voting patterns of the OP. But because this number only started being tracked a week ago (regardless of how it was previously counted) it can’t be relied on as a valid statistic for comparisons. If I marked 10 portals as duplicates in the last week and have previously had 15,000 agreements, and some new user also marked 10 portals as duplicates in the last week and has 150 agreements, percentage-wise it looks like they are 100 times more likely to mark things as duplicates. Whereas, in reality, we’ve marked the same number of duplicates in the week — I’ve just been reviewing longer.

  • Is it noteworthy or just coincidence that the people dropping drastically have such high rejection rates? I mean, dang, thundercracker has a 42.6% rejection rate.

    I agree, there's a LOT of stupidity around the influx of rookies, but perhaps there's also the issue of the overly uptight finally being the minority.

  • From other people’s stats I’ve seen people with low rejection rate have also dropped into poor

  • My rejection rate is at about 29%, yet I went straight from Great to Poor within one rating session.

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    It feels like hardly anyone is reviewing now as well. People are quitting as they have gone into poor and there can't be many left in green. My upgrade is on 4.5 days right now which is twice as long as it used to take.

    Unless this is resolved soon I'm worried nothing will reach a final decision.

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    68% agreement rate in an area with 6+ month queue times so way higher if the local backlog were to clear, 8,000 reviews since May, always great since day 3 of reviewing, yet rating dropped from great to good last night then wake up and its poor and telling me to retake a test to reset it............

    Nominations Accepted 3079

    Nominations Rejected 1663

    35% reject rate

    Also review from a pogo player perspective and gladly accept anything that justifies meeting some criteria.

    From a submitter perspective 250 portals accepted, 50 rejected so an 80% rate there even with trying to ram through iffy safe pogo pre-gyms.

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  • well, my rating went back up to green over night. I think if it suddenly drops to poor, you just need to step away for a bit and let it cool down. Could be going back to the argument of to many reviews in a short amount of time, which still remains a stupid issue because how else does Niantic expect to get this backlog cleaned up? And reviewing is already boring enough, why force players to break from "the zone" when it can be a bother to get back on later to vote again?

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