When will the dates and cities of anomaly 2020?

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Please indicate as we must schedule next year and see issue of taking vacations and also save.



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  • Good question.

  • It will be a lot more than past years, to make money.

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    I think it will be the opposite, a smaller number of events with Niantic employees doing all the work. No way will volunteers put their hands up to do any free work if Niantic is going to charge to participate.

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    dont forget all legal issues now that events are paid for medal.. many countries have strict laws for events that costs money.

  • Is there any update for the next anomaly dates and locations, it's end of October. It would is usually better to book flight and hotel in advance, also to coordinate at work with colleagues to take a long weekend off. @RedSoloCup

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    Looking at how things are, they've likely finalised stuff but are holding out for the Ingress Anniversary to announce it.

    They will likely do a Tessellation + Anniversary + Anomaly + Other 2020 Events announcement at one go. So latest we'll hear of anything is 12th November.

    Subject to Niantic actually doing something that makes sense. 🙃

  • Maybe Niantic is working with the airlines to try and find routes that the Airlines need to fill up more. #Monotize

  • Yes, but if the event is supposed to be in Feb. as it is rumored then well Nov. 12 will become slightly late since only 3 months then left.

  • 3 months is okay. Better than the old days, although 4 months would IMHO be better. Really what’s important is setting a cadence and sticking to it, though. :(

  • to be honest I done remember many series when we did not know next anomaly dates at last site. marketing for next sites was already in place. now we will have anomalies with no large onsite events before them. there will be no missiondays where to promote atendance on sites, so february sites (if there will be february sites) will probably have very low attendance

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    yes its very strange still silence on this one... dont they understand that flight tickets can be very expensive if u not book earlier...

  • I agree 3 months usually would be okay, but Christmas and New Year's is coming up and February/March is skiing season, so planning that would also require to know when Anomaly is. Also School vacations in some countries.

  • Yeah. Um, let's see... Obsidian was announced on 1/15/2016 and the first weekend was 2/27/2016. That was pretty bad.

    I don't think I'm gonna spend a few hours figuring out announcement dates for all the anomalies. Suffice it to say that it'd be nice to have four months of warning given that the holidays are coming. Who knows, maybe they'll shift later than 2/22/2020.

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    Not expecting an EST/CST North America Anomaly for February/March

    Maybe SoCal/Phoenix for February soi don't have to think about whether or not to think about going.

  • Well it’s the 12th and only seen the double XP and freebies release

  • And silence is the answer...

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    do they want players to lose interest ? i dont get it... OPs post is from august and 3 months later still nothing...

  • I need to request for my holidays and days off by 1 December, so I need to know anomaly dates and places to be able to attend. If we cannot travel there in less than 3 or 4 hours by car, I need to take friday and monday off.

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  • Any news? Please allow for us to book time off work and get the flights before prices rise too much.

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    Q: Shogun79 - When will the next anomaly dates released, booking needs to be done and arrangements with work. As longer we wait as higher the flight and hotel bookings become.

    A: I am told that,” We have every attention to release a schedule of upcoming events with an acceptable lead time to avoid last minute travel plans. As to when the schedule will be published I do not have a date to provide at this time.”

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    So still no dates or anything wow...

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    Apparently 4 weeks is an acceptable lead time if the paid ticketing announcement was anything to go by.

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    Watching closely but sofar nothing.

  • Siguen pasando los días y aún sin fecha de anomalia, me estoy perdiendo las ofertas de viajes económico

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    If the monetization problem is as big of a legal issue as everyone is saying it is then there could be a lawsuit in progress that niantic hasn’t told us about. If there is a lawsuit then it could be possible that niantic isn’t allowed to announce anomaly dates.

  • SoylentGrienSoylentGrien ✭✭✭✭✭

    Announcing paid ticketing only 4 weeks out, when they had been approved by city councils months earlier as free events, was a legal minefield. One group of POCs openly discussed pulling the plug because it put them personally in a tricky position.

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    for many people booking and get good prices on tickets / hotels thats not enough time...

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