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2 historical buildings rejected, and assigning a Walkway as a duplicate of another, without reading the details or using the nomination photo, shows that in the over 24 hours of pogo players doing reviews, quality of reviewing has dropped.

This is likely due to those creating a bias, so they can go nominate, rubbish.

Already reviewed a lot rubbish nominations today.

Literally rubbish nominations.

Yet it is obvious that they are do not do reviewing of nominations properly.

Reviews prior to pogo players being able to review, were pretty good.



  • My group was complaining that there was a lot of rubbish in yesterday subbed by pogo players. But if we all remember rightly they was only able to sub the night before here after 8pm and it was dark out.

    My argument was that it was rubbish subs made by ingress players as everything even if the did submit the night before would be held in the que.

    I dont think all pogo players are going to be bad reviewers. I just think it's the old reviewers rejecting good nominations. More than half of who I know in pogo dont know what wayfarer is the other half couldn't care less to review.

  • What I've seen is that portal nomination used in Ingress is from none to an initial boost, to only some keeping the "high" game up. Reviewing, as disclosed by the medal on all in-game profiles, is for the dedicated few after people experience what it ACTUALLY is (not just local, boring/low quality, abuse).

    I expect the same scenario to play out for "Pogoers", it's only that we currently are in that initial boost.

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    I had 2 historic buildings accepted. I'm re-submitting a rejected church. I took a new photo. Definitely needed new photo. Still it's at a storefront and just not that great looking.

    57% acceptance rate on Wayfarer. If anything I think my acceptance rate went down as pogo-ers were processing nominations at least locally. I'm still in the green. They also don't seem organized. Can't even agree how many channels to put in discord for various areas.

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    where you are in the bar doesnt matter, its only red/yellow/green, the bar is always in the middle of one of those

  • When they realize they have to look though 10 nominations just to get to 1 that might affect their playing area, the 5* thing will be old to them and they'll stop reviewing.

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    Locally the care factor seems to be near 0, maybe I'm not in the right this or that but its far lower than I expected. The agreements are flooding in but few are talking much about it so it could be more active in other cities etc.

    I have been Great in OPR since a few days after hitting 12 about 18mths ago and just last night i went down to Good, than 15mins later back to Great, than back down to Good till this evening. Now i have been trying to do as many reviews as possible to get my Onyx (need 2.5k still) so that might be a factor as well as the pogo players.

  • Everyone's quiet on reviewing. No discussion. Only interest is in nominating and even then pretty quiet. I have no idea who's reviewing but obviously ticking up agreements.

  • Rating be damned; If I see mine go down it will only strengthen my resolve. Now more than ever my work is needed!

  • I stopped reviewing last week for lack of time. Today I started again, I will check my status, i am on Great yet, but i have been seen many Trash submition, We lose time to review a good wayspot by reviewing this kind of nomination.

  • If you are all in areas that have bad submissions since pogo has received nominations. I'm guessing that these are from ingress players as pogo nominates will still be in the queue. Seems the ingress players who had things rejected in the past are trying there luck hoping pogoers accept there submissions.

  • This. Rating is dropping fast. The pogo group is much, much bigger then the ingress group. They all vote 5* on everythig, agreeing with eachother.

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    My rant is due to seeing the same garbage coming through now, AFTER ingress players reviewed said garbage in the early days of OPR, BEFORE submissions returned.

    And really bad reviewing, which has risen significantly since pogo players were allowed to review.

    With notes for the reviewer on the nomination, "please make this a pokestop"

  • It may be more area specific. The rubbish nominations have definitely shown up in my queue but at least in my area so far the reviews are ticking up on both accepts and declines roughly at the same rate.

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    Post hoc ergo propter hoc.

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    @Grogyan Even so it is not right to judge based on this considering how bad some of the early ingress submissions were. It is going to be a learning curve and not everyone is approving or submitting trash. Just 1* the obvious duplicates and ineligible submissions. Complaining isn't going to solve anything. As a matter of fact I have seen positive feedback and people actually 1* the obvious coal that haven't voted before it was launched to pogo. I think it will even out but it just going to be a roller coaster for a few weeks to months until people settle in on voting. Valid edits are actually passing now too.

  • The system seems to process newer nominations first.

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    Ive had numerous submissions today and yesterday, all of **** quality with the submission statement saying something along the lines of, this is good pokemon spawn area so i want a stop here, or , want this to be a gym etc.

    PoGo subs are in the queue and are being reviewed, they aren't Ingress subs.

    Having said that, ive also seen quite a few **** ingress subs as well today.

  • Strictly speaking, you shouldn't 1* an obvious duplicate; that's what the "Check For Duplicates" section is for.

  • ZaltysZaltys ✭✭✭
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    Not to mention that giving obvious duplicates one star will hurt your rating, so don't do that. If you vote reject and the nomination checks out as a duplicate, then that's not an agreement.

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    Okay when I mean 1* duplicates I am meaning using the duplicate button. It was a figure of speech saying to take the upgrade point in stride. I misworded it sorry. Locally an agent had a hidden gem local food place denied 2 times and this week a pogo player got it approved go figure. I hope in these cases the agents don't get angry and just capture the portal. It sucks but it happens sadly.

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    Great nominations by Pogo players don't need to state that it should be for their game only. Seeing a lot of these comments. They are irrelevant to the nomination, as way points can be PoIs for any of Niantic's 4 games.

    Then poor nominations come through.

    Of my own that have been rejected for absurd reasons in the last day or so,

    A Plaque on a street is flagged as a Natural Feature

    A Mural in a shopping centre's food court, is flagged as not accessible.

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    @kholman1 we can judge them, when the reasoning for rejection is laziness to tap the CORRECT reason for rejection.

    Or laziness to do a proper review when the nomination is of high quality.

    Often, stating clearly for the reason why you think the rejection category is appropriate.

    Takes only a few seconds to type.

  • kholman1kholman1 ✭✭✭✭

    trust me it is irritating people. Someone posted on the main pokemon go reddit to not mention the game at all in any part of the submission. I told a fellow agent don't feel bad for saying something about it. It is annoying and not to mention it is rude. I mean I will still grade it appropriately. But yes I get it. We don't need to know why this place is a good spot for a pvp tournament or it has no stops. People voting can tell from looking at all the info sometimes to much info isn't a good thing.

  • You dont think ingress players dont play pogo??

    You dont think that they would use the fact that now pogoers are reviewing they may accept it if they mention it???


    I know this has happened as an ingress group I'm in have openly said they have done it.

    And that's INGRESS players not pogo

  • TheismanTheisman ✭✭✭✭✭

    Was a word beginning with C and had a P at the end with R and A in the middle. Apparently that tripped the language filters

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