Trusted Reporter Program Resumes

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As you may know, we recently suspended the Trusted Reporter program. The Trusted Reporter program was created to provide a few Agents the ability to have their support tickets fast-tracked and escalated to the top of the support queue for priority review. 

The purpose of the program is to leverage the Agents’ organic understanding of Ingress to help improve the player experience with regards to inappropriate gameplay. The intention is to mitigate the actions of bad actors that may result in unnecessary hardships for normal Agents to revert. A good example of a situation to report would be a Spoofer that neutralized a mountain top Portal in a remote area. A Spoofer neutralizing a Portal in a dense urban area that can be recaptured with very little effort should be reported to NIA OPS yourself via and not flagged to a Trusted Reporter. 

Thank you for your patience as we took time to work through a new process to ensure a robust and effective system. We are now ready to resume the Trusted Reporter program after working with our new Trusted Reporters and our Vanguards to refine the process. The adjustments to the program enable us to build upon and strengthen what we learned previously. 

If you want to highlight suspected spoofing activity to the Trusted Reporters, follow these steps. 

-Do not submit actions to Trusted Reporters that are over seven (7) days old. 

-Enlightened: @IngressEnlTRBot

-Resistance: @IngressResTRBot

-Using Telegram, send a “/start” message to your faction specific Trusted Reporter bot account. Submitting a report to the opposite factions bot may get you banned from using the bot:

-Complete the four action items listed by the bot. 

-Within 48 hours a Trusted Reporter will review the activity you flagged and inform you via the bot that they will or will not escalate the activity to NIA OPS to review.

A Trusted Reporter escalating an issue by submitting a ticket to NIA OPS is not a guarantee that action will be taken against an account or that a Portal reset will occur. Trusted Reporters do not adjudicate actions, determine or make recommendations to NIA OPS about what actions should be taken on an account, do not have a method to communicate directly with NIA OPS, and cannot review any tickets other than their own. 

Spamming the bot or continually submitting requests of a personal nature that are easy to mitigate through normal gameplay and that do not cause an unnecessary burden to normal Agents may result in you being unable to submit requests to Trusted Reporters. 

At this time we are only accepting reports of accounts suspected of spoofing. For all other support related issues please submit a ticket via the normal process at

As a reminder Vanguards have been firewalled off from the Trusted Reporters. Vanguards are not aware of the identities of the Trusted Reporter participants. The intention with the new process is to keep the Trusted Reporters anonymous and separated by Faction. Both the Vanguards and the Trusted Reporters have agreed to a non-disclosure agreement and will be unable to discuss the details of the program.

Edit: Vanguards can still help with standalone reset requests. The Trusted Reporters are for flagging spoofer activity AND resets that are needed as a result. As part of the workflow, if a TR report needs a reset it will get routed to the Vanguards properly and in a way to preserve the TR anonymity.

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