Intel from Mission Day at Sea?

Did any of you Truthseekers participate in Mission Day at Sea this week? I'm getting reports that that some intel may have surfaced during the cruise that could be vital in the fight against Nemesis. If anyone can confirm, please post whatever you've found here in this thread.


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    Hi @Truthseeker... i think that agents from both factions suppose that this is something to "keep secret" and "keep safe" (cit). The latest revelations about nemesis identity alert us: publish the Undine Silica diagram can help Nemesis or agents recruited from them... But anyway, at this point I suppose that both factions decoded the diagram and also that Nemesis can find out another way to acquire this intel. At this point we need the help not only from all agents but also from you and the niantic researchers inside the bubble (if them is not nemesis members or nemesis-controlled... obviously).

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    The 8 fragments of the diagram, united, form a disc that represent a vortex around the Undine Silica. In this, strange runes appare and disappare periodically (is a gif).

    If in a first time we though that symbols are an unique sequence of letters, then we understand that there was 4 different groups of runes, based on where they appare and disappare on the disc.

    So than we understood that runes are not so different from our letters and that the order was the timing. The sentence decoded is in Latin: "Undine Invenio Tempus Unda" that can means: Undine locate (or discover) the wave of time (or the time of wave).

    UPDATE: is also possible that the sentence is UNDA TEMPUS LOCATE UNDINE and so this can be a clue to find out the stone.

    Maybe this artifact can be connected to time travels as we saw that Obsidius did in the anomalous zones (but obsidius does not decide)? Maybe this stone can define and influence the time someone want to go with the remote participation experience?

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    Another interesting aspect of this investigation was the images of the different media objects in the scanner that show different points of view of the courier mask

  • This mask appares more ancient and different from the first ones we saw less plastic and more like a shell of an ancient animal...maybe a sea animal. And in this images appares like an ancient map... maybe this can suggest that the undine is more close connected to courier? What if was Courier to make this diagram ...hundreds of years ago?

  • Does anyone else think that looks like a kind of impressionist representation of a portal? Energy, (the silica or the portal) made visible by 8 pieces (pieces of the diagram/ resonators) which then lead to the outputting of glyphs or knowledge?

  • Now that you say, absolutely yes.

    At the same time is like a wormhole or a black hole, a vortex that maybe allow the passage from one time to another (where osiris consent the passage from a universe to another)

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    Maybe this brings the octopus back into perspective?

  • i update the intel: based on the nia passcode the sentence can be "Unda Tempus locates Undine" so this can be a suggestion or a clue to find out the artifact.

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    From google translate, Latin for “The Wave Period”. Possibly a reference to high tide? Or maybe after a storm or during a full or new moon when waves are stronger?

    Or possibly even reference to El Niño / La Niña global tide trends

  • @Truthseeker turns out that the intel from the MDaS became a Tessra and has been placed at G08. It's a GIF and isn't clickable. What can you make of this? Do you know anything or anybody that can explain this?

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  • I'll take the enl point for being second enlightened. Lol

  • Can someone post the updated undine diagram with the greek or Latin letters please thank you

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    The updated diagram has Hindi on it, and can be found on the Tessellation website.

    The older one can still be seen earlier in this thread. Miketrevis posted it.

  • I know I’m probably late to this, but could the order in which the map markers show up be some form of code?

  • I was on the cruise and here is the order in which we received the media. It is in order of the ports of call. Started in Ft. Lauderdale, then to Grand Cayman, Costa Maya and finally to Cozumel. And I am SO ready to go on another one!

    Don't know if this does any good at this point, but here it is.

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