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  • So you made 40 outbound links from a portal, with someone helping you? And 3 more inbound from another portal or 3? This sounds remarkably like a "hypothetical" situation.

  • They would have to completely rewrite the Redacted client from scratch since it can't be distributed any more in the Play Store.

  • The way I read it, Prime allowed him to (try to) create 43 outgoing links, actually creating 37, but using up 43 keys.

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    @NianticBrian thank you..... I can now see xm on the ground, this is something I have personally missed since the loss of redacted. This is a welcome improvement for me on a S10e. Well done NIA on getting this fixed.

    But it is a shame that I am still having many issues with the client crashing frequently, is there anyway I can help with or contribute in the way of crash reports or something akin to this to help develop/improve the client. To me stability is my biggest issue and the client either exits on loading, locks during loading or more often just locks up. It does not seem to matter which device I try it on either, but I do get up to 20 crashes per day. I do put a lot of hours in per day playing and recharging but a lot of the lock ups seem to occur during my recharge sessions. I have started taking screenshots each time it crashes in order to keep a record of when and how often it crashes.

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  • Seems that we encountered a new issue with this version 2.35.2. Portal is lvl 6, fully linkable and has two links, but cannot do a link for 30km, radius is 562km, asked 3 people to double check the lane and still is clear even from microlinks, but cannot link to the specific portal which is 40km away. Please address if can be reproduced again, will try again today, but this issue will be very bad if reproduced during a major op, since linking is a big part of the game.

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    This version also still has the glyph hack bug. :(

  • starwortstarwort ✭✭✭✭✭

    When clicking OK on the "Please remember to not **** yourself while playing Ingress" notification at startup, scanner automatically selects the portal which was below the OK button, if one was there.

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    Is there any mileage in asking for a souvenir key locker we can buy ? I.e. a key locker that is one way.

    I and others keep keys from far places im only ever going to visit once and a key from a portal at such a place is like a little momento.

    If we could purchase a one way key locker to store these "momento keys" and that once you put it in the locker you can't remove it at all, its just a key record of where you've been.

    I have no idea if it's even feasible, but id happily pay money for such a key locker

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    Youve misunderstood or it wasnt explained correctly, i know what they mean as ive been having the issue myself.

    Imagine you've got a place with 5 neutral portals, go to the first one, drop an R8 on it all good.

    You go to the next portal to drop an R8 on it, but the next Resonator automatically selected is the next lowest one you have , usually R7 but if you have none it will drop to R6 etc etc. It wont default to an R8.

    Its an annoying little bug, as with redacted you could go to one portal, drop an r8 on it, go to the next and the first reso selected would be an R8, and so on and so on through all the neutral portals.

  • New issue with this update: When I scroll thru keys, it sometimes shows no keys while it tries to sync or shows me duplicate keys. Also, keys started to jump a bit, like I would be scrolling, and suddenly one key would jump a little higher.

    Another issue with recharging that was with previous versions and still exists now: I noticed that sometimes when I recharge and a portal needs less than 1000 XM to full charge, it will take only about 500 XM instead of about a 1000 like it's supposed too. Seems only to happen if I had to press "Charge All" several times.

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    UI: Added updated safety messages to app loading, ex. “Remember to be alert at all times. Stay aware of your surroundings.”

    The new popup doesn't seem to "catch" the screen tap, so if there is a portal underneath, the portal dialog opens. It's a bit annoying, especially when it takes so much time to start up the game client in the first place.

    Also, the Activities tab in COMMS keeps scrolling down to the bottom on refresh, even when I'm scrolling up.

  • TheismanTheisman ✭✭✭✭✭

    First impression

    Good news, XM on my S8 is now visable

    Bad news, because the XM is very similar colour to the Resonators, makes the resos in dense XM areas camouflaged and poorly visable when under a field, only really visable when closely zoomed in.

  • ¿Por que no se venden mod en la tienda?

  • I started getting some error message about store when I start Prime. Probably related to Store being part of Inventory now. Don't know what the full message is - like all error messages, it disappears before I can read it.

  • How about the Missing Portal Key issue when doing a remote recharge? When you have enough XM to recharge but the game doesn't let you recharge the portal when you clearly have the keys.

  • Can you PLEASE work on the GPS a bit more? It shoots me 100 yards away from my current location and will not go to the correct location while I try to sit in my car and glyph hack. Maybe try to decrease time for GPS refresh to keep location more accurate?

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    It's an odd store sync error. I've seen it just after starting the app as well as when bringing the app out of the background. Likely due to the store being in the item caresoul which many had suggested would cause lag issues. The store sync error doesn't last long enough on the screen to grab a capture unless you are recording the screen.

  • EvilSuperHerosEvilSuperHeros ✭✭✭✭✭

    I've been getting that on my stock Samsung S9 now for multiple releases. Also happens in Pokémon Go but not other AR games. (I can list them if requested but won't spam this forum at atm).

    It happens as I've mentioned before right after glyphing, when you come out of the item caresoul, when you have just remote recharged a portal, when you bring the app out of the background....

    Also seeing issues linking even though the lane is clear. It's like the client (even when closed completely and opened back up) can't see that other links have gone away.

  • With this update scanner started to crash when adding photo to existing portal.

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    I have actually been noticing that this Prime bug is also interfering with other ARGs, with the same effect of jumping 50m away, then return a few seconds later, when Ingress is in the background.

    When Prime isn't a foreground or background app, and isn't in memory, other ARGs including WU have stable GPS

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