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  • NineBerryNineBerry ✭✭✭✭✭

    There aren't any. Ignore that. It's a common strategy of German people to bring up some unrelated laws that something they don't like allegedly violates... 🙄

  • @NianticBrian To keep it short, EU privacy laws.

  • @MunchWillbeBlue can you be a little more specific so I can follow up with our lawyer? What EU privacy laws (plural), and how does an optional supporter medal violate multiple EU laws?

  • Seeing as there was another comment on it I'll say it clearly.

    I dont know if it does.

    But essentially such a medal makes it public that someone paid, when they did this and how often they bought it for everyone to see.

    This is because upon paying the CMU the medal would assumably be given right away. Additionally, the counter / tiers show how often someone bought it. Simply check the profiles often and you can see the exact dates they are bought.

    This then gives insight on the spending habits of individual people as well as overall revenue generation for Niantic on this.

    I am not German, but I take my online privacy seriously.

  • InvestigateXMInvestigateXM ✭✭✭✭✭

    Not sure if that is an actual part of GDPR, but couldn't that theoretically circumvented by giving agents the option to hide the badge on the profile, like the private stats trigger in the settings?

  • Hiding badges and missions completed would be awsome. If GDPR does apply then yes this could work I think.

    Also, that topic might over shadow my main concern with the idea of a Tiered Supporter medal that you pay for. Achievement medals are multiple levels (Tiers). You need to actually go out, play and achieve something in order to get rewarded. Simply pushing 7000 CMU to NIA to increment the medal by one is not really an achievement. Granted that you dont really have to do a lot during FS for the FS medal, your atleast still playing in order to get the rewards.

  • I also have medals I would love to pay for to have them removed from my profile 😂

    Not joking: Ticket #4470442

  • MXXWMXXW ✭✭✭

    For $10 please remove the bronze suffocation dude badge from my portfolio. Please.

  • #1) This isn't the place to bring false accusations against someone. Nor is your local bar, the truth is the truth. If there is any question, error on the side of innocence.

    #2) I'm not spoofing, nor have I ever. I hope that NIA, can find and ban every single spoofer, gear seller, multiple accountor, or other cheaters. They try their best, but even some known broker's guild users/members have gone without anything happening to them.

    #3) I have never had my account banned, it's sad that we have to take proof no spoof to protect our reputation that people try and smash in public forums.

    #4) If you have an issue with someone, take it up with them directly. Not post some falsehood on a public forum, or comms. That's the kinda things that bullies and trolls do.

  • The short term idea seems fine. A purchasable Supporter November, Supporter December to make the badge tick up would be a start

  • Shouldn't there be subscription models built into the Play Store and App Store models that automatically charge every [X] amount of days?

    Surely it's not super hard to develop?

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    My 2c

    Any subscription model would prevent players who are on a strict financial budget, or those without access to a credit card, from enjoying the game.

  • Off the wall suggestion.

    Pay for players automatically get TRUSTED REPORTER status. Eg, we care enough this game to put money into it. Do us the common courtesy of treating our reports with upmost seriousness and due diligence.

    I want people to have adventures in weird places. Badges, mu, etc.. all kinda irrelevant.


  • Incorrect. What they are suggesting wouldn’t change the game play. This is basically about donating a little bit of money, and maybe getting a badge on your profile for it.

  • @NianticBrian hear this;

    Media becomes ads. You have to watch it to recycle.

    Or buy a subscription to avoid media files.

    This way, it's a non intrusive way to add advertising. Agents can watch ads at their convenience and chosen time to be able to clean up the inventory space.

    Also it would be a good way to monetize your agent profiles, GPS tracks . Obviously this data is worth gold for advertising.



  • NightpnthrNightpnthr ✭✭
    edited November 2019

    Do not like the subscription idea. I will not pay for a stupid badge. Niantic needs to give us a stable game before they start asking us to "support" the game with a subscription fee. Prime still freezes frequently, I have not been able to submit portals since Redacted went offline.

  • MXXWMXXW ✭✭✭

    Just to address the Portal submission problem. One member of our community could not submit portals at all. However, once the pictures were resized to be smaller, all the submissions went through easily. It seems there is a max file size for the photos.

    This obviously isn't the only problem. I submitted 6 portals this weekend. I only received a confirmation email for 1 of the 6 and when I checked wayfarer only 4 of the submissions went through.

  • The app crashes, that is why I haven't been able to submit portals. I'm using a Moto G6. I have not tried submitting remotely yet.

  • You don't have to. Do consider how many hours of joy this game gives you when you say it's not worth paying for, though.

  • Just because I enjoy a game doesn't mean I'm willing to pay a subscription fee. I play many games and don't pay a subscription fee to play. The other games I play actually work without bugs, unlike Prime.

  • I'm willing to spend money on something I enjoy enough to do over other alternative uses of my time, personally.

  • I really don't feel that's accurate. Most people if they choose could afford $5-$10 a month. Ask most smokers if they could afford to by 1 more pack of cigarettes a month. Or a Starbucks fanatic if they could afford 1 more coffee a week. Or most players if they could afford 2 more gallons of gas a month. If someone truely can't afford $5 for something they CHOOSE to spend their money on perhaps they should look at something that doesn't involve them driving/flying all over the map.

  • Violates GDRP laws? are you making that up?

    I disagree tho

  • It doesn't affect gameplay, and also if you don't like it, don't pay for it, problem solved

  • I'd be alright with a subscription model for a couple of extra cosmetics/medals, as long as it doesn't effect the game too much (bounties of better gear just because you paid, etc.) and it's not crazy expensive. Those ideas for a better version of the Intel map sound cool, but I'm worried that locking it behind a subscription may put off some people eventually.

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