Submissions stuck "In Queue"

I have 2 submissions stuck at "In queue". One was submitted 25/10/17 and the other was 14/10/17 (Both over 2 years ago) both have been upgraded but as far as I can tell, have not been reviewed by anyone. How would I go about getting these unstuck?



  • oscarc1oscarc1 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I've got the same issues, two stuck "In Queue" and Upgraded. Niantic support don't even want to help, even though they have managed to manually push stuck nominations in the past.

  • resubmit them

  • upgrades are bugged at the moment, iam also sitting there with 5 upgrades and none of them are in voting

  • These were upgraded the first week upgrades went live. They've been in the queue for 2 years and Haven't moved.

  • I have about 12 submissions stuck waiting for review these have been in for about 3 weeks

  • grendelwulfgrendelwulf ✭✭✭✭✭

    If your upgrades are stuck in queue it's because there are portals ahead of it stuck I'm voting because there aren't enough agents in the area to reach a concensus.

  • Or you have opposition agents in your area who know typically where you submit and intentionally downvote or mess with the location on your submissions. There are a lot of petty people in this game!

  • Same for me... Stuck "in queue" since months, Upgraded since first day of Wayfarer. Highly crowded area and dozends of nominations accepted in that area since then.

  • Is there any way to raise a ticket directly to NIA or do we just have to hope a mod happens to view a post in here?

  • The submission reviews seem to order new -> old, pretty sure about that. So yeah, stuff can/will end up stuck for years since now one will ever seem them because new stuff blocks it. And as long more new submissions than reviews happen, this will stay a thing.

  • Submit a help request on the in-game help chat. Be prepared to send screenshots of the original nomination accepted email along with the status you are seeing in wayfarer.

  • I have a number of nominations stuck in queue from the fall of 2019. And a few of them are in voting. But they don't go anywhere.

    And what is most frustrating, a couple of days ago, I submitted another point of interest about a 3 minute walk one of the ones in queue from the fall, and the most recent one went into voting already. Yet the older one is still stuck in queue.

    I've contacted Niantic to advise them there seems to an issue in the fall where certain nominations are stuck. But they refuse to acknowledge there is a problem. For the noms in voting for months, they say they dont have enough votes yet (DUH!), but when I try to explain that it seems that these nominations aren't apparently being presented to enough voters to actually vote on them, they still don't understand.

    It makes no sense when I have a bunch of older noms taking months and months,, yet all my newly nominated ones seem to be decisioned in an average of 2 weeks.

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