Are pergolas and fountains valid candidates?

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I have been reviewing the portals intensively and have noticed that there is an increase in portal requests in places where there is a pergola or a fountain. Are pergolas and sources valid candidates?

When I say "fountain" i mean a modern fountain, of metal and without historical context. Here below I share the photo of a pergola. and the fountain. If anyone has an AMA link where this point is clarified, I would appreciate it .

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  • Thank you for your answers. By pure intuition I have been approving pergolas in public places, so I'm glad I didn't do anything wrong. With regard to drinking fountains and without special visual appeal, I will continue to reject them.

    I found a forum thread where you can confirm the information, in addition to reading the details of the October AMA:

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    I wouldn't approve that pergola either.

  • There are some water fountains in parks near me that were donated by local Lions Clubs, so they're shaped like big lions with their mouths open. Those are an easy 4* or 5* from me.

    I also have no problem with pergolas, so long as they're not on PRP or any of the things 0X00FF00 said. A weaker candidate than a gazebo or pavilion perhaps, but a gathering spot (usually) nonetheless

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    Pergolas are fine. Check the new update log category in the Wayfarer help.

    Not sure about the one in the OP, though. Looks like it might be on someone's backyard, would need to see the satellite.

  • A pergola would be a reject from me.

    It's not a gazebo and is not designed for all weathers more of a summer thing.

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    So you will knowingly reject it even after the most recent AMA saying to approve?

    Do structures that meet the same usage as Gazebos such as pergolas, pavilions, ramadas, arbors, etc fit acceptance criteria? If it's in a park and has pedestrian access, yes. If they are in the backyard of your private residence, no.

    They have even added it to the change log on Wayfarer:

  • Lets see where the pergola is before we say it's to be approved I think. From the looks of the picture it's in a garden.

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    There question was just an example photo above, likely just pulled from google and not something they are trying to submit.

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    Just FYI, pergolas are not a seasonal thing. They are the same kind of structure not meant to last any less time. Krug also said arbors, pavillions, ramadas are ok.

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    Exactly. You're right. The photo is just an example. It is not the photo of a portal submission.

  • Military is not an excluded zone, it's in the same class as hospitals, fire stations, and police stations. Waypoints are acceptable as long as they don't interfere with operations of or obstruct emergency services.

    There was a time where they were stated to be excluded in an AMA, until later a newer AMA declared them acceptable.

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    No Krug reiterated again in August that all submissions in a military base should be rejected regardless of if they fit other criteria. They should add that to the actual guidelines though and I'm not sure why they haven't

  • This is a screenshot from Wayfarer from November 2nd, 2019. Today.

    If the candidate does not interfere with the operations of the military base then it is a potentially valid candidate.

    A military base can be the same as a town with all the things you find in a town. Here is a list of things I've seen on military bases, not to provide candidates, but to show that there are plenty of places people can walk and play games without interfering in the operation of the base: Community pools, basketball courts, tennis courts, soccer fields, golf course, video game arcades, grocery stores, playgrounds, bowling alleys, movie theaters, bars, barbershops, fast food chains, memorial sites, banks, and I could go on.

    Will reviewers please stop auto one starring everything on a military base? Wayfarer came out after the August AMA.

    I apologise for going off thread topic.

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    I am aware of all of that and an advocate for candidates on military bases but @kholman1 asked for clarification and Krug reiterated that they should be 1* even when the guidelines only mentioned it in obstructs emergency services.

    I'm wondering if they don't say a flat ban is because everything on that do not submit list is grounds for removal while they just don't want new ones, existing military base portals are ok? Either way, I don't think their stance has changed and we are supposed to 1* base wayspots.

  • Wayfarer did a LOT of copy/pasting to launch from OPR. It's not specifically called out as a decision reversal, so they're going to keep getting rejected. Perhaps @NianticCasey could help us get things updated to end the debate.

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    Thank you @NianticCasey not my favorite NiaOps decision but I'm glad there are talks to make the military base stance clearer for submitters.

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