November 2019 Ingress AMA Question Thread



  • Would it be possible with the ever changing landscape of ingress and pogo players to have a document uploaded that more specifically spelled out acceptable and unacceptable submission criteria. I feel this would put the majority of questions regarding opr in a black and white format. It could be accessed via Niantic at any time. Also could it spell out differences between, let's say, a 4 rating vs. 2 or 3 rating.

  • With the addition of pogo opr reviewers, do you think Niantic will institute a more strict discipline policy for those who are blatantly submitting unacceptable or false portals.

  • InvestigateXMInvestigateXM ✭✭✭✭✭

    Is there anything you can say, maybe just a small little sneak peek, about a new feature that is in planning?

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    When MD / NL medals are pushed and mails are send out, can in the mail also be included for which site the medal were pushed, in case one gots missed, when attending multiple MD/NL in short time, it will be hard to keep track for which sites the medals were pushed.

  • There still seems to be an issue with the app freezing up during play as well as battery life and phone heating up. Is Niantic continuing to address these issues?

  • Hi! For keys, is there any thought to implementing an option to search for a specific named key, for example if the one I want to recharge would be somewhere in the middle via either distance or alphabetical sorting?

  • I have heard that Niantic is not going to consider edit changes to historical markers that are clearly mislabeled. Is this correct. And is Niantic going to continue to allow edits of portals that have changed names and need a new picture.

  • Is there any possibility of change in prime graphics? type to place redacted graphics? would be a good choice for battery-intensive devices!

  • Will we ever see the return of physical swag? Is it really more cost efficient to sell things like badges in the store, since Google takes a cut of all purchases?

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    I signed up for Ingress with Facebook, so I can't access the mission creator tool. I know that an answer in the July AMA said you were working on this and it was "not a low priority", but could you please put a warning about this at the account creation stage if you're not planning on fixing this soon™ so other players are not locked out?

  • Wayfarer - in relation to the cycle routes, I feel that saying the national cycle routes in the UK are all numbered is meaningless, as almost all our roads also have a number, and many have a name. I felt the clarification of a named trail was very helpful.

    However sometimes I have seen trailmarkers come up which are for a named trail but the name of the trail isn't on the marker, instead there is a symbol such as a bird which can be found linked to the name in the listing of the trail online. Are these acceptable? (I don't mean just ones with a colour ****)

  • Good day/night Andrew.

    The Comm in my city has been filled lately with agents from both factions accusing each other daily as spoofers/multiaccounters/cheaters, directly and in the form of hints/emojis.

    Are those messages reportable/banable actions, specially when they start brigading about an specific agent?

  • With the current backlog on submissions can there be a way that we can maybe allow certain level 40 players in Pogo to do OPR? Maybe in order for those players to join OPR they have to do the test like we all did BUT they have to be "sponsored" by an Ingress player? This way we all know that it will be a quality player that is doing OPR and if any shifty approvals is happening not only the Pogo verifier will be held accountable but so will said Ingress player. It would help with backlog issues!

  • Would Niantic consider establishing a board of reviews for opr. Those of us with let's say, double onyx. Just to help keep the submissions appropriate.. We would of course test, would do it for free, and follow the guidelines set forth by Niantic.

  • Wayfarer/OPR

    According to my local community rejection emails, which are not in english, don't specify the rejection reasons. Since I play in english I wasn't aware of this until someone pointed it out. Could you add this important feature to rejction emails, especially in light of only recently eliglbe submitters in other niantic games, who should be made aware of WHY their submission was rejected?

  • Could be the location circles and duplicates be smaller in OPR?

    The large circles deceive, makes them look more portals, the sector is full, when in reality it is not.

  • Hi, Andrew! Thanks for doing this. I’ve always been amazed at Ingress’ capacity to make quite big groups of people leave their comfortable couches and coordinate to move around keys, make a link, throw a field, move a shard. I’ve always thought that was the real value in the game, but in last month’s AMA you stated that you valued especially the collaboration necessary to build a P8. Personally I’d be playing much less if that were the goal, probably due to my zone’s dynamics, but I’m now curious: since that’s a worthy objective that requires a sound strategy, why are the mechanics so highly and unjustly unbalanced? It takes my teammates and me (eight total) around three weeks to see a P8 (without flipping the portals) whereas it takes just a single agent with a few XMP6s to spare and three minutes to take it down; after that is all wash, rinse and repeat. It seems to me a single agent has far more power than the collaboration of the many, am I missing some kind of secret strategy there? 

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