November 2019 Ingress AMA Question Thread



  • Can we get some xm “geodes” that you gotta walk to crack open and they reward gear?

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    Is there any reason why Public Prime release has still so bad graphics compared to year old Prime Beta App?

    Left side = Prime Public App

    Right side = Prime Beta App from November 2018

    Is there any reason for this, is this done on purpose? For example to save battery life?

    Both screenshot taken using the same Samsung S8 phone. Same time, same place.

    So this is not a hardware issue,

    Public App just have some configuration flag ON somewhere in code to show less details?

    Details here:

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  • Hi Andrew, hope you’re well. First time AMAer here. OPR/Wayfarer question: What are your thoughts on Cafés and Coffee Shops being wayspots? I only ask as a few agents in our community were doing ‘Dry October’ so we were browsing locations for a social and ended up settling on a Subway in range of a few portals.

    while these places meet the criteria for a community meeting spot and somewhere I would take someone visiting my city, as it stands, they are marked as generic businesses.

    Do you have any thoughts on this?

    Many thanks and warm regards from the UK! (Despite it being freezing at the moment 😂)

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    Hi Andrew. Any feedback on the insights on this post?

    It would be nice to know if the team is working on this issue. Thanks

  • Hi Andrew!!! 👻👻🥳🥳😋😋🤡🤡🤡⚽⚽⚽🤩🤩🤩😂😂😂

    I would like to suggest to have the Banner Mission Rejection issues/features built into the Mission Authoring Tool. Reason for this is because this would make things much improved in the Approval of missions/banner missions. May I hear your thoughts on this? Do you see an issue with this feature opportunity??

    Thank you very much!!



  • Arabic and right-to-left support for portal names?

  • Is the Nemesis member Courier the trickster archetype and having a go at us or is he actually a Hank Johnson from an alternate universe.

  • Hello Andrew,

    Will there be ANY anomaly on 2020?

  • UI

    Have you thought on having an option to display a bigger picture when you click on a portal (Maybe at the center of the portal)? It is one of the things how Ingress caught me into the game when i started: I just clicked portals around to see the pictures and know the whereabouts and most recently it was a nice way to recognize a portal while playing. I know I can click on the minipicture to see a bigger image but It is one of the bigger things I miss from redacted.

  • With the semi-recent clarification that sports fields are eligible, our area has seen a large influx of submissions where a half dozen or more ball diamonds in the same park will be submitted, often with either no signage or a picture of the backstop with a "2" sign and a title of Park Diamond #2.

    Would it be the position of Niantic that each individual diamond, soccer pitch and set of basketball nets in a park is eligible, or should side-by-side fields of the same type be rejected?

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    I went to the First Saturday this week end in Viladecans, and I think we all realised we missed some community events. Mission days are an amazing way to discover the city, First Saturday are good for uniques and challenge, anomalies are good fun.

    When are we going to have new events in Europe? Is there anything we could do to help you organise them?

    Thank you,

  • Are picnic tables good candidates, asking for a friend?

  • Is there a chance that you implement some kind of penalties for „bad portal“-approvers?

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