November 2019 Ingress AMA Question Thread



  • What are the chances we could get some embroidered patches in the ingress online shop? Everyone loves patches.

  • Sorry for posting multiple times, but these were generally enquired about in the community here in regards to OPR

    3. Many well known smart phone Companies have an automatic Water Marks on their photos. Few Submissions which have only the phone model of brand name as watermarks, where the submitter is non identifiable. Can we accept these? Do we have leniency in such rural Submissions?

    For e.g: Watermarks like "Shot on OnePlus", "Shot on PoCo".

    4. Submissions made while in a vehicle, if the photo is clear and is a valid portal. Can we accept such Submissions? (This can help in rural submissions)

    e.g: The Submission seems perfect but the car dashboard is slightly visible in the bottom right. As long as the Submission and the details are correct and the portal is valid, can we not accept these portals?

  • Hello Andrew

    Just a question :

    what is your position about a Casino ? Should is be a portal ?

    Thanx :)

  • Are there any plans to do MDAS again next year?

  • edited November 2019

    I have been seeing many outdoor lounges in my review area like in this reddit post . Provided it's in a community area and not private residential property, would this fit criteria as a gathering place? How should we be rating these?

  • Hi, andrew, I have three questions:

    1. Will be back again? I think storyline is imperfect if this website is unreachable.

    2. What about It was updated for months, then no longer updated for one year. The latest post is about Cassandra Prime. Is it duplicated by this community?

    3. Why all of Microsoft Azure IP are blocked by Prime server?(I have changed all regions and changed ip addresses) I used to use it as vpn to connect to game and intel map because of Chinese special Firewall issue. Is it possible to submit my server ip to remove from block list?

  • Where is Niantic at with a real Intel map. Niantic was created out of the ashes on Maps.

    There are certain functions and capabilities that would be useful to the GAME.

  • Please make one test, send all your developers on site and tell them to play on Prime. But not on high end smartphones. Just use regular ones. Like with SnapDragon 7xx or even 6xx series and 2-3 GB od ram.

    Then tell them to play on Anomaly on same phone.

    It looks like devs are not using Prime at all. Maybe when you will change this, Prime will playable. I'm big fan of Prime, but my tolerance for all bugs is almost exhausted.

  • Hank Johnson is Courier? What the...?

  • Seeing this a lot on OPR?

    Swing set's, slides, Jungle Jim's, **** bars, Sandbox and other play grounds objects. Instant reject?

  • When you put here in AMA that something is eligible, I MAY or not follow the instructions, or I MUST follow the instructions? AMA is just suggestions?

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