Feature Request: Badge (Recruiter?) for New Player Assistance

Recruiter badge never worked well -- but what if we brought it back with a twist?

Helping a player new to Ingress to get into the game and community is, in my book, more important than evangelizing the game itself. It can lead that person to the edge of, "Ok, this is my lifestyle now," vs. just being another game on the phone. And it fosters more community, more collaboration, more relationships and teamwork.

Bring back Recruiter but have it in a double-acknowledgement form -- I can indicate that I've helped PlayerX, and PlayerX can likewise agree that I have helped them. That could be as simple as greeting someone in COMMS, or it could be as extensive as leading someone around on First Saturday. Just as long as the two players agreed that help was given.

Or make it a Community badge. Something like that.


  • KhatreKhatre ✭✭✭✭✭

    From last AMA.

  • @Khatre Yup, I know, I saw that. Hence my idea about how to possibly bring it back in a different fashion.

  • I agree fully, this is my last badge that has still to be unlocked. In our community we have many new players coming in and there is assistance outside the game to get them moving. I although still believe this should be acknowledged in game. If it worked once before this should be an easy escalation

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