[Bug Report] - Still cannot access Ingress Prime (gmail vs. googlemail issue)


Since Redacted is now retired I'm completly unable to continue my Level 12 account on Ingress, because my account is tied to a @googlemail adress and when I try to log into Prime it tells me 'no account found' or now has created a new Level 1 account (actually the one I was assigned in this forum aswell...). So that two different accounts are tied to the same Email adress.

Because you differentiate between @gmail and @googlemail, which breaks the whole thing, that's is your MAIN ISSUE HERE, which you keep ignoring, Naintic.

The common fixes suggested on the Supoort website didn't work as the account defaults to @googlemail on all my devices, so I can't specify it to use @gmail instead.

Support does not even acknowledge my issue and keeps suggesting my to reinstall the game or clear my cache (???).

Here is some more detail on this problem: https://www.reddit.com/r/Ingress/comments/cpr7q0/cant_access_prime_nor_opr_with_googlemail_facing/

I also cannot OPR because of this, since naturally the 'new' Level one account has no right to do so.

Please Niantic, help me continue play your games, or just acknowledge the issue even once!



  • Hi,

    I have completely the same issue, wrote to support 5 times or more, but they keep repeating to clear data and try again etc...

  • edited November 2019

    Hello, I can't believe it! After seven months of pursuing Niantic support today they finally fixed it for me...

    They said they changed something for my account and I should try to log in again. (Like they did a million times before)

    But this time they actually did really do something!

    I am afraid you just have to get lucky with the person who takes care of your case...

    Keep trying, and be polite but consistenly pushing them to help you, I wish you the best of luck!

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