Scenic Viewpoints with Benches

@NianticCasey are these acceptable? Examples would be the following.

Shoreline with a bench and a Binoculars stand that is fixed?

Shoreline with a picnic table at a fishing spot?

Picnic table in a park under a tree that offers shade?

Picnic table in a apartment complex?

Firepit settings with benches?

Picnic tables with fixed grills at a park in the wide open?

I just noticed that they have a "What is it" category now. So I wasn't sure. They seem like great ideas for community. They are popping up for reviews more frequently. I would think these would be allowed as they do meet the criteria for a man-made object by a natural feature. They are in safe locations being in parks. Biggest hold up other reviewers have is the picnic table or bench being common. Yet the POI is not the bench or the picnic table, it is the scenic view. Scenic views are a tourist attraction as well as a hidden gem for parks.

When you have time, thanks @NianticCasey.

P.S. How you guys making out on the AMA's update of Wayfarer?



  • Hi there,

    Unless the wayspot has something notable or significant about it (e.g. if it's a memorial bench for someone), it wouldn't be eligible. Park benches, picnic tables, or other common features might not meet criteria unless there is something significant about them as outlined in the acceptance criteria here:

    Regarding the AMA updates, you can find them here:

  • Hi there, happy to clarify a bit. When I say "significant" I mean that something that makes it interesting, notable or artistic, something that would make it a destination.

    In the example that you provided in your original post, an unremarkable bench where the natural feature of a natural outlook would not qualify. This is both because the bench is not a point of interest, it's just a bench, and natural features that can be accessed by a number of non-specific points (i.e. you can see the view from multiple points on a hike) are explicitly ineligible.

    The second example you provided is in reference to a notable gathering place, not a set of common table and chairs.

  • Thanks for your feedback, I'm not disagreeing with you of the impact of nature on mental health or wellbeing. The issue is that a view or an outlook without a specific marker is nothing more than a stop along a road.

    The spirit of the guideline is to submit a location that helps players to discover and enjoy their communities. To that end, there must be something unique, educational, artistic or otherwise would connect people within a community. This is the exact reason that public parks are eligible wayspots. A bench that happens to have an interesting view or a picnic table doesn't have anything specific to differentiate it from any other bench or picnic table.

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