Ingress 2.35 coming soon



  • Until the update arrives should I play and face the app freezing over 10 times in a day? Lol

  • And so they waited , waited, waited ...

  • jontebulajontebula ✭✭✭✭✭

    Please relese it now!


  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    Tomorrow is normal release day, and is 4 weeks since the last update

  • I sure hope that "and more" includes a fix for the compass. The PoGo compass works fine on my phone. Aren't they both using the same platform now?

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    The compass rose works, tap on the compass to switch to active, and it will point to north

  • It doesn't on his phone.

    And fixing that should be priority number 1 for Niantic.

  • Jo0LzJo0Lz ✭✭✭✭✭

    Really? A compass not working on some devices should be priority number one?! :D

  • Compass does not work on any phones without magnetometers.

    I know what you're thinking. "Oh, well there's the problem. Phone can't tell which direction north is."

    That's true. But the compass rose only says where north is FOR THE MAP. Compass rose pointed to map north for Redacted, and points to map north for pokemon go just fine with no magnetometer

    Also, in case you still think the game cant figure out where map north is without a magnetometer... with no magnetometer, the avatar arrow constantly points to map north instead of the compass rose pointing to map north.

  • And dear Grogyan, you literally spent two days trying to convince me my issue was not what I said it was, so please hold your tongue unless you can talk about the compass rose.

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Gersterwind and again, did you tap on the compass rose to set it to active/static. Photos do not show this

    Tried helping you.

    And still making out that the devs should apply magic to a device which has no magnetometer.

    Your icon for the rose, when set to active should look like this

    Midrange mobiles are just so cheap, I just don't understand why it is so difficult to buy a better mobile.

  • I can confirm that compass doesn't work on devices without a magnetometer, at least Prime doesn't behave like Redacted did. On Redacted, when you rotated the map. the compass arrow would rotate with it, so you would always know where North is on the map. On Prime, compass arrow doesn't move when map is rotated. According to Pogo screenshots posted above, the arrow rotates fine without a magnetometer, so it would be nice to have the same thing in Prime.

    As for why it's so difficult to buy a better phone, well, there are a lot of reasons, from financial to personal preferences. For me, it's personal preferences - I prefer smaller phones, and smaller phones for some reason are cheaper and less powerful. I wish there were small powerful phone, but for now size and power are tied together.

  • GersterwindGersterwind ✭✭✭
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    I'm sure your trying to help. Instead, you're just trying my patience.

    again, I am not trying to have dynamic compass. I like my map pointing in the direction I tell it to point, and that is rarely North.

    Look at where the compass rose points in the four pictures. In PoGo, the compass rose rotates to indicate north on the map when I rotate the map. In prime, the compass rose always points the North Arrow up.

    Dynamic compass on. Gameplay starts with compass rose pointing up to indicate north is to the top of the screen. Three portals to SE have indicators near bottom right os screen. Rotate screen 180. Same three portals still to SE, now near top right of screen. Even though north is now at the bottom of the screen, the compass rose still points to the top of the screen, as if north hadn't changed.

    Switching to Dynamic Compass did nothing to fix the problem. Why is this so hard for you to get? Without a magnetometer, the compass rose doesnt rotate to indicate north in prime, but it does in other Niantic games.

    Quit pretending this is user error. We aren't all made of money. Niantic stands to lose the interst of many urban, and rural poor players around the world because some software designer thinks the north arrow on the map needs a magnetometer to work, when it clearly works without magnetometers in other niantic games using the exact same platform.

  • GersterwindGersterwind ✭✭✭
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    See how the compass rose rotates when you rotate the map in pokemon Go? This was done using a device with no magnetometer. Go spend $30 at the walmart and get a tracphone to see for yourself. You think I can afford a mid range phone, so I know you can afford a bargain basement phone. Pogo can tell where north is on the map, because it doesnt take a magnetometer to know which way the map is pointing. No. magic. Required.


  • See how even with dynamic compass on, the compass rose doesnt rotate in Prime? This was done using the same device where the compass rotated for Pokemon Go. You really think pokemon Go uses magic to keep track of North? Why can't Prime use the same magic on the same phone?

    I'm not the only person on here saying its broken.

    @Grogyan @NianticBrian

  • Jo0LzJo0Lz ✭✭✭✭✭

    That was a lot of posts to explain that the compass thing always points to the north even though you rotate your screen and/or your phone.

    Guess Ingress Unity isn't picking up on the compass orientation.

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Anyway, I've given up on explaining compasses and magnetometer.

    @Gersterwind I hope that Niantic fixes that issue, that isn't an issue, but does affect affect you and those without magnetometer. But it is what it is supposed to do, point up when no magnetometer data is available.

    The update was supposed to be here today, and could have fixed that. And many, many other major issues. Glyphing, linking, haptic feedback, map visibility, XM visibility etc

    @NianticBrian unfortunately this additional delay has meant half of my faction have left ingress altogether. In a period of 2 weeks waiting, and waiting, half have gone.

    And quite frankly, no matter how much Niantic wants to keep the game going. The excessive delays over 12 months, with critical issues outstanding, and new critical issues created, may have inevitably, and irreversibly damaged the Ingress brand name.

    I remain optimistic, though pessimism is accelerating.

    There is great joy in travelling and exploring new areas, and I would dearly like to see Niantic market Ingress much more than it currently does. Its all Pogo and WU.

    Both pogo and HPWU, of which I have played through their beta, and they are just, put to it succinctly, boring!

    They are boring because they have no scoreboards, which ingress has. And I do remember fondly before when Ingress Classic first came with a scoreboard, and saw a marked decline in active players. Then the scoreboard came in and it had a major impact in my own city, until, Levels 9 to 16 got implemented.

    @NianticBrian I have already stated in another thread, that, I strongly believe that the major crunch is what 2.35 delivers, on Thursday (US time).

    I want players to come into the game, see the world, or even just the unique locations of their own city. Ingress is just a heck a lot of fun.

  • For those with frozen glyph hacking - Or rather, waiting for glyph sequence to appear...

    On the iPhone pull up from the bottom like to switch app - Causes Ingress to be suspended - and switch back to Ingress again. Ingress will then re-connect to the server.

    I usually wait 5+ seconds before attempts to not **** the server. I have a feeling that if it does not work in 7-8 seconds, then it will never come with a glyph before you repeat. So Niantec should lower their retry-timer. 5s or retry. Not sure I ever got a sequence after the blink at the lower right of my more-glyph. I think I have had to repeat 7 times when it was worst. Usually 2-3 tries and it gets through.

    They need to get more CPU, or maybe Microsoft oversold their capacity (if it is azure). O365 admin interfaces are soo slow these days.

  • Wish I understood better how the explain,and or research the freezing, it's not only during one specific function. The servers are being over clocked I believe.

  • I am on iPhone XR and the only issue I have is with glyph hack hanging. I am in Europe in case that matters.

    Other issue isn’t cosmetic. Often can’t see my AP score with dynamic lightning on. Get a black background with no numbers.

  • jontebulajontebula ✭✭✭✭✭

    I hope Niantic fix battery draining bug soon. No fix for battery draining bug with 2.35 😥

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭
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    There are some tricks, particularly on Android that can help a lot with battery.

    Clearing cache, and system memory

    Ensure there is enough space on disk, at least 1Gb, for swap and dead cells

    Reduce screen brightness

    Disable or remove other apps that can consume high battery

    Ensuring that you have a great cell connection, 3 or 4 bars of 4G, depending on area, it may be worth forcing 3G

    Ensure your display is set to 1080p, this will reduce the GPU load, thus saving battery

    These tricks won't work for everyone, but should help some

    Still waiting on update to arrive.

    For me:

    Speed glyphing doesn't register pips

    Automatically cancels the glyph sequence

    GPS jumping around when you are in an open park

    Links not going to the right portal

    Available links disappear from the carousel

    Some portals still cannot be linked to

    Cannot upgrade portal resonators

    Low FPS on high end Samsung devices

    The list is quite exhaustive

  • You didn't mention the compass.

  • "Disable or remove other apps that can consume high battery" - does it mean we have to remove Ingress, which consumes a lot of battery, in order to play Ingress? 😄

    Also, "Ensure there is enough space on disk" - disk, really? And since when can you easily change resolution on a phone?

  • jontebulajontebula ✭✭✭✭✭

    It is a bug in app. Hope Niantic work hard to get Ingress Prime take low battery. Pokémon GO with more colors and graphic take lower battery.

  • changing screen definition is usually proposed for phones with a definition higher than HD (1080 x 1920). For all phones, it is usually possible to install a game optimiser or game enhancer which enables to tweak both the definition and the refresh rate.

    on the other hand, no it is not possible to change the resolution of a screen.

  • KomedioDramatKomedioDramat ✭✭
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    It won't help if you don't have system option to change resolution. It'll be even worse with additional software (btw. I don't recommend any bloatware like "optimisers", "tweakers", etc) because system must scale down the resolution so it take much more resources.

    The best solution would be dedicated in-game options to change graphic level in Ingress Prime but it's probably too hard to implement.

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