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  • Newcastle was mostly smooth. We did not have the same issues there that Europe had. It was actually a significantly better experience than on Redacted and I even played on an old Huawei P8 to see how how an older device would function. I think the main issues for some was just muscle memory as only 2 weeks between Redacted EOL and the anomaly.

  • ingress is dead

  • Thank you, Brian, for good news. It's a clever solution NIA gave in such situation. We can choose refund or CMU for buying one character badge.

    Bad thing is that such information not delivered to all participants by e-mail or push. I received small part of this information in local community, not in Ingress official feeds.

    Best regards,


    Still downgrade this world :)

  • The logic somewhat escapes me: the people who bought the tickets get refunds + CMU. OK, that sounds reasonable.

    The people who used a code, although they experienced the same Prime issues and had also lodging and travel expenses are ignored.

    While really, since you're reimbursing the first ones, that's 2 categories of player eventually not paying for tickets that are treated very differently.

  • To be fair, I've received my medal and participated, but I am not requesting the refund of $15. I'd rather NIA use that money to employ some more "agents" at anomaly sites again.

  • Truthfully I do hate that niantic is only doing something for the people that paid and not the people that registered with codes with/without paying for this code.

    Everyone in the Europe anomalies had those problems, some more and some less with or without a paid ticket.

    It doesn't even need to cost money. Just do a couple of extra days with double ap or something like that. There are creative ways to compensate all involved without it costing money.

  • This is what happens when events become paid, people who once were willing to put up with a lot will turn on you because suddenly they catch some big expectations over 15 bucks.

    This wasn't my worst anomaly experience (that would be Gettysburg, where I spent a large part of the day unable to play and some folks I knew couldn't play at all due to cell coverage.) This wasn't even as bad as the first NYC Cassandra in terms of overall performance. But I didn't pay Niantic for Recursion or Interitus.

    Every other anomaly payment I have made was something I chose to do with separate rewards. Lots of people I know are starting to talk about the new no onsite presence as being the beginning of the end for this game. I don't know if that's true, but I miss the primary site experience.

    I don't need any refunds, but I am worried about the state of the game going forward in a way I was not before Umbra.

  • @DespenseroENL I've cancelled your request for a refund. Thank you for your support.

  • @NianticBrian I won't be claiming a refund as my experience in Newcastle was awesome. On top of a great day I came 1st with AP and 16th for unique portal hacks :-).

    I thoroughly enjoyed myself despite 5 freezes requiring a restart. The experience with Prime in Newcastle was 1000% better than the Recursion Prime Canberra anomaly. Things have come a long way.

    Thanks also for the CMU. Despite already purchasing the 3 character packs, I'm sure it will come in handy one day.

  • @NianticBrian Thanks for keeping the items up in the store a bit longer!!! Some of us who really want em need to scrimp just a little and it is so nice to be able to stretch the purchase window until your lovely CMU package comes in. Thank you!

  • I asked for a refund.

    i do understand Niantic is a company aimed to make money. No problem with that. I’m not naive.

    But the product needs to be of quality, and in Antwerp it was not.

    My first anomaly was a disappointment. Not going for another one soon.

    the md was the opposite: it worked, it was fun.

    hence I’ll use the refund for supporting the local community.

    Beer or swag.

  • @NianticBrian Hi Brian, it was my first anomaly (off-site paid) participation. I enjoyed the cipher decoder task. I will participate regularly in future event.

    I dont need the REFUND but am I eligible for free CMU? If yes, then I can complete my bundle collection.

    I'm sure there will be a lot of improvement in Ingress soon. Rome wasn't built in a day.

  • @NianticBrian Thank you for aknowledging and addressing the technical issues people experienced.

    As others have stated before, those issues not only affected agents who bought their ticket directly from Niantic, but equally so those who shared the cost of the ticket with fellow agents and used their promo codes.

    Ofcourse Niantic has nothing to do (and should not) with any money changing hands between agents in return for promo codes, so most people will understand refunds being only available to those who bought their ticket from Niantic. Anything after that is up to the agents involved, to refund each other or not.

    However, if you claim to compensate agents (with CMU) for not 'delivering the quality experience we strived to', could you please explain why only those paying directly to Niantic should get that compensation, instead of all agents that were present to experience that lack of quality?

    Kind regards,


  • @ChiefAlex300 yes, all players who purchased an Onsite Activation (Paid) or Offsite Activation (Paid) ticket will receive 32,000 CMU. Thank you for your support.

  • @NianticBrian hi Brian, month end is near. Any indication abt the CMU release date?

  • When are we going to have the CMU?, the medals are nearly gone and we don't have te CMU yet

  • The 32,000 CMU is going out to agents who purchased an Onsite Activation (Paid) or Nemesis: Umbra: Offsite Activation (Paid) ticket starting now, and will continue to run over the next several hours. After the scripts have completed, you should see the added CMU increment up when you access the Store. Thank you.

  • The script should now be done for all anomaly sites; however, there were a small number of players who may have changed their agent username, email, or unlinked their Niantic accounts after purchasing a ticket. If you don't see the 32,000 CMU reflected in the Store on your account and you purchased an Onsite Activation (Paid) or Offsite Activation (Paid) ticket, please let me know your order ID number (ex. ING-12345-12345-12345) and I'll investigate further.

    Also, I previously noted on this thread that the Umbra bundles would be available until Thurs, Oct 31, but I'm extending this to Mon, Nov 4 to give players a few more days through the First Saturday weekend. Thank you.

  • My wife was charged 2,440 JPY for 32000 CMU by Apple. Her CMUs did not increase at all. She joined onsite by promo code from me. @NianticBrian

  • Hi, @NianticBrian!

    I requested a refund for the anomaly, but the card I paid with is no longer valid. Can we somehow solve this problem?


  • @NianticBrian

    i changed my username recent from B209 to Bicky209

    got paid ticket for anomaly in Antwerp : ING-38501-86327-43360.

    did not receive CMU

  • Hi @NianticBrian

    I dont recieve umbra anomaly badge on my scanner.

  • This was resolved. It was truly charged for 32,000 CMU which was purchased on 19 October. On that day she bought 32,000 CMU twice and used it to buy two Umbra bundles. However, for some reason, one invoice was issued on 19 October but another was issued yesterday. It happened at the same timing with the distribution of 32000 CMU. Therefore we misunderstood. Sorry for complaining about that.

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