TESSERA Round 1 - Umbra

Truthseekers: I've received word of a new Tessera, that was reportedly released via a live drop at the Umbra Anomaly in Sacramento. There's some information about it on januslaboratorium.com, but I'll post it here as well:



Word is, the physical Tessera was handed to a member of the Enlightened Faction in Sacramento, in celebration of the Enlightened's overall Anomaly victory, and their defeat of Umbra. Whoever received this Tessera is encouraged to respond to this post, with their Faction, and images of whatever they received as part of this live drop. This will earn that person credit as a Discoverer of the Tessera, and secure themselves the right to make a prediction as to its placement on the Tessellation. It will also earn discovery points for their Faction.

Points and placement work a little differently for physical Tesserae, apparently. A physical Tessera is worth 5 points for the Faction of the Agent who acquired it.

Unlike digital Tesserae, there will be exactly one prediction from each Faction as to the placement of a physical Tessera. Once the Enlightened Agent who has acquired the physical Tessera makes their placement prediction, the first placement prediction received by a Resistance Agent will represent the prediction for the Resistance Faction. Resistance: Please wait to make a prediction until after the Enlightened have made their prediction for this Tessera.

Because there's only one prediction from each faction for a physical Tessera, there will be no voting; Both predictions will be attempted, starting with the Enlightened prediction, because it was their Faction that acquired the Tessera. If either are correct, 1 point will go to the Faction that guessed correctly. Otherwise, Nemesis gets their shot.




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