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One of the things I have always loved about Ingress is that it is incredibly powerful at making and reinforcing human connections. At times like this when Agents experience a loss, many of you have expressed interest in a way to remember friends you’ve met via Ingress. I’m honored to let everyone know that starting today there will be a free 0 CMU Reawakens Beacon appearing the In-App-Store. 

With the news of Resistance Agent EllaMinnowPea passing, and her immensely positive impact on the community, the team wanted to explore offering Agents a way to remember their friend. Personally, I think this specific Beacon seemed fitting as a first step towards doing something for those who have given back to the Ingress community. Especially for Agent EllaMinnowPea since she enjoyed what Camp Navarro was about and the MAGNUS symbolism of this particular beacon. 

Just so you are aware, there is currently a limit of one free beacon per Agent and the image in the store is the bundle/item image not the image of the actual beacon. Once you obtain the beacon you won’t be able to get again once you use it. More to come on future offerings like this. 

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  • This is a truly awesome gesture. Thank you very much for this. ❤️

  • Thank you so much for this gesture. She was a very active agent loved by both factions.

  • RIP agent 💙

  • Thank you for this, Niantic <3

  • Thank you very much Niantic - Ella was a special agent

  • NearhNearh ✭✭✭

    Thank you! ❤️

  • Thank you, @RedSoloCup and Niantic. Agent EllaMinnowPea was a very positive light in the Ingress community. This is a thoughtful gesture for the grieving.

  • Thank you! 💙♥️ a very thoughtful action.

  • Such a kind thought. Thank you! She was such a lovely person and a dedicated agent. 💙

  • Thank you so much for all that you do, and have done.

  • Thank you for this very considerate gesture to a wonderful person. She will be greatly missed by many.

  • Thank you Niantic.. she will be missed!

  • Only met her a few times, but she has clearly left a big impression with many of us in a beautiful way.

  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    I would be down for a special beacon for these occasions. Very thoughtful.

  • This is such an amazing gesture. SPOT.ON. Well done. #morethanagame

  • What a nice gesture.

    Why not hold her memory up even higher by putting the item at the TOP of the cash shop so players don't have to scroll towards the bottom to find it?

    I almost confused this with the girl from the 30,800 CMU UMBRA medal... I sincerely hope this wasn't intentional...

    Sorry for the community loss ;(

  • A wonderful gesture of solidarity for sure.

  • tnx

  • Qu4rdQu4rd ✭✭✭

    Putting up the beacon early as I might not get the chance on the proposed day.

    RIP, Eleanor.

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