Umbra anomaly ticketing update

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Thank you to all agents who participated in last weekend’s Umbra anomaly series. As you may know, some agents experienced technical issues during the events, and we feel we didn’t deliver the quality experience we strived to. We’ve reviewed your anomaly feedback, and in the coming weeks, we'll distribute 32,000 CMU to all agents who paid for a Nemesis: Umbra: Onsite Activation (Paid) or Nemesis: Umbra: Offsite Activation (Paid) event ticket across all anomaly sites.

We’re also offering refunds to all agents who paid for a Nemesis: Umbra event ticket. If you’d like to request a refund, please contact us by November 30, 2019 through the following Google Form: 

Thank you for your support,

The Ingress Team

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  • Хочу медаль)

  • Hellôoô

    I think to paid a out site ticket to give :

    Medal AND double pa but I received the mail and it's write bonus 0 pa.

    Please can you tell me if is normal ?

    I have not much pa for 540 recharges, I know. After no make pa in FS, no double pa in anomaly. It's lot. I sure it's write on the site who I take my ticket for anomaly. But perhaps I in mistake...

  • Since Niantic is offering a refund to all participants who bought a Paid ticket as compensation for the technical issues that adversely affected both Paid and Free ticket-holding Anomaly participants (presumably equally), how would the 32k CMU (= US $19.99 in the in-game store) additional compensation not be considered taxable income for those who bought the Paid ticket in some jurisdictions?

    (Assuming that the 32k CMU offer isn't extended to those who redeemed a promo code.)

  • TheFarixTheFarix ✭✭✭✭✭

    Great, 32,000 CMU. But what am I suppose to do with that since I already bought all the keylockers?

  • This is a really good move thank you for offering people refunds. Although everyone who participated suffered the same issues.

  • @NianticBrian, I would like to say thank you for paid on Nemesis: Umbra: onsite and offsite Activation!!

    This time, I don't need a refund, I want to contact on you and @NianticAustin and everyone, because I received my email to send on you with my email address!!

    Because this time, it was the Umbra medal and TRIPLE AP POINTS or 10x AP POINTS, which is more than Double AP POINTS, Because of the HALLOWEEN-themed version of "Ingress Prime" as the AP Points must be screaming and was actually the massive points!

    And this time, the countdown to Halloween night with Ingress' Passcodes in exactly 2 weeks for the very first time, like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year and the whole Holidays!!

    So, Good Luck, agents and Happy HALLOWEENGRESS!!!

  • @NianticBrian will the CMU be distributed before the character packs are withdrawn from the store?

  • Sorry, i filled and sent the refund form, but suddenly realized that i don't want money back, CMU is ok. What should i do in that case?

  • That would be my question as well.

    First of all, I am grateful that again (as with field test event), Niantic listens to the feedback of the players. To be honest, I did not expect to receive CMU as compensation. In this way, I am very positively surprised about the compensation. So, thank you very much for that. Even if it is possible, I will not ask for a refund. Despite some difficulties during the anomaly, I had a very good experience and a lot of fun.

    @NianticBrian mentioned that the CMU will be distributed in the coming weeks, while in another post he mentioned that the character medals will be in the store at least until the 22nd of October (if I remember correctly). So, it would seem that you can still wait a few days and see what happens. But, if you don't want to miss out on one of the current medals, you could buy them now and use the compensation for a future medal, for example.

  • How are they to know who shared the cost of a ticket and who didn't? I gave away my codes for free. I'm sure many others could have done the same.

  • As moenieseuren I had a great day, but in Gothenburg, not Antwerpen. I won't claim the refund for the same reason. But for future events I'd like to weigh in:

    • Keep the participation (including medal) free of charge
    • Offer a swag pack (preferably physical) to paying participants
    • Possibly keep other perks (double AP, ...) for paying participants
    • Pretty please; make sure the scanner is able to keep it together for at least a few hours of medium play without freezing up or crashing
  • Niantic you refund tick buyers and not code uses well some code uses like me paid thousand dollars to get to anomaly and had to put up with the same problems i think your decision is a bit rude we all had the same problems.

  • I found the stats regarding first to solve misleading, as they don't match internal documents distributed during anomaly.

    Are they measuring 2 different things?

  • RostwoldRostwold ✭✭✭✭✭

    The temptation to read between the lines of that last part is irresistible.

  • This seems very generous. Sounds as though some sites had extremely difficult times. Maybe it was just too soon after turnover to 100% Prime to have an Anomaly. So maybe people can use the CMU to stockpile frackers to share benefit with friends and save up resources for a next time. Outside this comment thread most people I know are saying this was a good move.

  • DisceptoDiscepto ✭✭
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    Two things:

    A) Receiving the 32,000 CMU, whether or not you choose a refund, doesn't seem to me to be a very forward-looking move from an business perspective. Because people will expect similar additional compensation the next time something goes wrong. You seem generous now, next time: stingy.

    B) To "compensate" the promo code players: How about, for example, a discounted one-time purchase of 32,000 CMU in the shop for the price of a full anomaly ticket (either only for promo code users or, if technically not otherwise possible, for all...) It's not exactly the same deal as for players who paid the ticket in advance, but some extra money for Niantic's Ingress bank account can't hurt.....

    Anyway, despite initial technical problems, I had a lot of fun in Dresden and am looking forward to the next anomaly in Europe.

  • How , just how will you compensate this way, for a product that DOESN'T WORK at anomalys , first saterdays ect.

    If you buy a product that works 30% or even 99% they do not deliver what you pay for.

    This is what PRIME is.

    You su*k,


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