• I was very disappointed with the problems we had in Brooklyn too. It was very frustrating for the last hour or two.

  • Well you don't speak for me, therefore not one voice... as I am not bitter. I enjoy using prime. Don't presume to spend for everyone if everyone is not in agreement. I know lots of people that enjoy using prime.

  • So Monty, be specific why Prime is a superior experience to redacted? And why should the community discount the countless issues with this version? YOU have not put up any real factual arguments as to why it is so much better. WE would like to hear specifics and telling player to “ Love it or leave” is not a credible answer.....


  • Myself and most of my community agree that Prime has a number of features that are good improvements, just take a little getting used to. However none of those can make up for the multitude of problems it still has and major problems it has during events that make it unplayable.

  • GlenuendoGlenuendo ✭✭✭✭

    I've been looking at the various threads and haven't seen much either. Maybe they are remaining quiet due to potential lawsuits?

  • Finally Niantic confesses to the failure.

    If you paid you get your money back and CMU.

    If you used a promo code or went for the free option you get nothing at all.

    Since I used a promo code I'm still irritated...

  • HavokTHavokT ✭✭✭

    Same, it is like NIA now says to people you :were there but you did not pay, so you didn't have any problems according to us. I understand u can't get a refund of a ticket.. But they now only acknowledge problems for paid tickets not promo code or free tickets so it seems at least.

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