Why I would pay for anomalies, under certain conditions

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I'm going to say something a little controversial. Having thought about it, I wouldn't be opposed to paying for anomalies under a few conditions. We need to get something of value that is worth the price.

  1. The price is fair and relative to local wages. The current prices are the equivalent of 3 days wages in some countries.
  2. The price is announced when the entire series is announced. No last minute surprises.
  3. Offer an "early bird" discount for those who register and pay well in advance, say at least 3 months.
  4. The volunteer POCs get a free golden ticket for all the work they do which includes some some CMU credited after the event.
  5. Onsite registration gets the badge and bonus AP, subject to the minimum participation requirements inside the playbox.
  6. Offsite registration is substantially less than onsite. They get the badge, subject to actually recharging portals in the playbox or verified operator activity, but no bonus AP.
  7. Badges are tiered depending on whether you are offsite (silver), onsite (gold) or POC (platinum).
  8. Now the big one. The anomaly playbox is a separate instance of the map for the duration of the event, visible only to those who registered. Only the ornamented portals would be visible. This cuts down the amount of clutter on screen and should cut down lag. It also means no need for the street sweeper in the rest of the world.
  9. Only those who registered would be able interact with portals in the anomaly instance of the map. Those who registered for offsite would only be able to recharge (if they are within range) but could not attack, deploy, mod, link or field even if they are inside the playbox. Those who did not register would not be able to interact with them at all.
  10. As the playbox is a separate instance of the map, no actions from outside the playbox (apart from recharging by those who registered for offsite) would have any effect on the event. Fielding over the playbox or linking through it would be impossible.




  • XK150XK150 ✭✭✭✭

    I think you worry too much.

  • EvilSuperHerosEvilSuperHeros ✭✭✭✭✭

    If they did #8 I'd pay for an anomaly. Likely even more than the current $15 price tag. Been requesting this for years...

  • I would, again, pay to be able to participate in an anomaly under the condition that the official client works (i.e. all the functionality it offers can be used reliably having the intended effect within a reasonable timespan of say, less than three seconds) for the whole duration of the anomaly and all the agents participating. Paid event... Imagine going to the cinema and then being shown only parts of the movie you selected *shrug*

  • now, after disasterous FS and halfsuccessiful anomaly series i can only 100% agree to what @SoylentGrien said.

    i can add only :

    probably there could be a "spectator" ticket - something like "bronze" level, say, that could allow access only for viewing tools (say - intel).

    this could be good for operators/dispatch, since they can not hack nor recharge (really) during anomaly.

    and, maybe some interesting reportage could be made/done on this intel then.

    also, if it's a separate instance of map - NIA could use separate server cluster for such game. more reliable, more scalable. more directly controllable. and worth paying for.

  • I think they should also add: put a significant part of that funding to making sure that the event is playable. This was a worse experience for more money essentially.

  • If you look at the Amsterdam site for Abaddon. Most people including me would have paid for that. But they did not charge anything. Seems we are paying for it now. Weird decisions by Nia...

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    A lot of people would wish to become POCs to receive platinum badge instead of playing in the playbox for the gold one, don't you think so? )))

  • If things aren't massively improved this is likely the last time I'm going to bother attending an anomaly. The actual event has always had some issues, but they were so bad this time they saying Ingress was the least fun part of it.

  • probably no. POC is quite a lot of work, and only color of badge is not worth it.

  • My only requirement for continuing to pay what is ultimately not that much money in context all expenses towards an anomaly badge ticket is that the next time Prime absolutely has to "just work" during the anomaly.

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