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You forced us to pay to participate to an anomaly, and we can't play... Prime doesn't respond... You must have to think about a refund, and a participation of the flight and hotel....

A participant in Dresden anomaly !



  • There's an easy solutionfor Niantic!

    Only open Prime to those that paid to participate in anomalies and keep the rest of us scrubs out 🤣

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    If the problems were so bad that it keep an agent from earning the medal, them a refund might be in order, because the ticket was mostly about the medal. Even then, there might be difficulty proving Niantic's issues are the only reason they didn't earn the medal. I can't didn't earn a medal for Myriad because T-Mobile is awful in Madison, Wisconsin.

    Otherwise, it becomes a weird legal dispute about how much fun an agent deserves for $15, and a judges evaluation of how much fun they had. Those kind of disputes usually get settled with "Here, have a coupon for next time."

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    i wasn’t participating in the umbra anomaly but this has to be fixed before the next anomaly/FS/field test.

  • Unfortunately I didn’t see any problems on my scanner yesterday during the Anomaly in Sacramento. Granted I did nothing but GORUCK RtB hacking, but I want to say it depends on what service providers you use and how many people are in the city in that specific location. I heard the same thing like this happened at San Diego Anomaly a few years back because of ComicCon.

  • Sorry you feel this way. Uninstall the game, we as a community will survive with out you. Enjoy mom's basement

  • Just look at the XM-Bar and the screen effects. Of not enough XM.

  • "We as a community" said one voice in the thread, where everyone else is bitter about this sorry excuse for an app which prime is ;)

  • Prime is good. Niantic just completely screwed up the anomalies. Have they even acknowledged or apologized anywhere?

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