Well, I'm in...kind of

EvilWitchEvilWitch ✭✭

Hi guys, I'm glad we finally have a forum dedicated exclusively to Ingress topics, that makes things easier. However, I haven't been able to be as active as I would like, why? Because I can't sign in to the forum from my cellphone, and as a miracle today I could log in from my lap top, not sure how long it will last, because last time it was only for five minutes. So, if anybody can read my crying message...


Ps, I've already followed all the requested and suggested steps.

With love:

Witchy. 💋



  • As an update for this post: I managed to log in on a different computer, but I still can't log in from my cellphone 😓. I feel so left behind. 😭

  • I had issues logging in and discovered that it was the browser I was using. I was using Brave both on Windows and Mac, which both failed to log in. I could log in from my mobile because it had chrome on it.

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