Tessellation Directives - 0419 update

Truthseekers, I’ve received a message from the unnamed entity running the Tessellation, a mysterious figure I have code-named the Tethered Hand.

The true identity of the Tethered Hand, and their ultimate goal, remains unknown at this time.  It is not known whether the Tethered Hand is an instigator or, as I suspect, a front for the real mastermind. However, the Tethered Hand has taken credit for seeding the Portals with the hexagonal media objects that we’re calling Tessera. Twenty-five Tesserae have already been found, and 15 of those have been placed on the Tessellation, and there are 10 Prime Artifact Tesserae that appear to be inaccessible at this time. This leaves 171 Tesserae still to be found, which I’m told will be deployed approximately 6 a week between now and the end of April. To the best of my understanding, this post will explain why we’re doing this, and how we are to go about finding the rest of the Tesserae. But I have to attach a disclaimer here that this is incomplete information from an unknown and possibly unreliable source. If and when I learn more, you Agents will be the first to know.


  • The NIA believes that assembling these Tesserae in the correct order on the Tessellation will help us determine the identities of Nemesis, their ultimate goals, and possibly even how we can defeat them. 


  • I have been told that approximately 6 Tessera will be released each week, from now until April. We will report back on results every two weeks starting October 10th. 
  • Tesserae will primarily be delivered as Global or Targeted Media Drops, harvested out of Portals like other media objects. I’d advise you to keep track of your media, to make sure you haven’t harvested a Tessera without realizing it.
  • For each Targeted Media Drop, I am told we should expect a clue as to the location of the Portal where the media object will be hidden. The channels the Tethered Hand intends to use for clue delivery remain unknown at this time, and may in fact vary from clue to clue. So keep your eyes open.
  • More infrequently, specific Tesserae may be made available as physical objects, which will be acquirable by Agents as live- or dead-drops. These will be harder to obtain than digital Tessera, and worth more points in the final tally.
  • Limited-use passcodes will be included with digital Tessera found as Targeted Media Drops, to reward the first Agents to find them.


The Tethered Hand has released a representation of the Tessellation, and the NIA is hosting it at januslaboratorium.com/tessellation. Visitors will not be able to move or place Tesserae on this website, but they will be able to see which Tesserae have already been placed, and to access any intel associated with those pieces. 

The Tethered Hand has informed us that there is a pattern to where Tesserae are placed on the Tessellation Board, so we expect determining proper placement will get easier as time goes on.

According to the Tethered Hand, every two weeks, they will transmit a live broadcast of the placement of the Tesserae that have been located in the preceding two-week period. Each of the three Factions will get exactly one guess as to the proper placement of each Tessera.

In each case, points will be awarded to the Faction that guessed the placement correctly. Now, here’s the good news: Ingress Agents get to guess first. The bad news is, Nemesis guesses are weighted more heavily because they get to choose last.

I’ve created a subforum on the Ingress Community Forums called The Tessellation. This is where we’ll need you Agents to report that you’ve found a Tessera, and where eligible-Agents will be able to register a guess for where they think that Tessera should be placed on the Tessellation.

Here’s how you go about doing this:

  • Each week, the Tethered Hand will tell me which Tesserae have been released. Then, I will create a separate forum post for each of these newly-released Tesserae in The Tessellation sub-thread on the Community Forums.
  • If you acquire a Tessera, I need you to go to the corresponding thread on the forums and post the following information:
  • A picture of the Tessera that you found1
  • Your Faction2
  • For each Tessera thread, the NIA will identify the first three verified Enlightened posters, and the first three verified Resistance posters, which we’ll be referring to moving forward as Discoverers. These 6 Agents will have earned the right to make a single guess as to the placement of that Tessera.
  • Once verified, the first three Discoverers from each Faction will be notified by the NIA. They will have until the end of that week to make their placement prediction.3 But time is of the essence, because each grid space on the Tessellation may only be guessed once per person per Tessera.4

If you want to help solve the Tessellation and you haven't already signed up for this forum, I'd recommend doing so ASAP. You're required to be level 2 on the forums to post a photo. But, if anyone who finds Tesserae who are not level 2 yet, it is acceptable for another Agent to post on their behalf.

NOTE: Do not edit your Discoverer post. An edited post will be considered disqualified. If you need to update your post because you made a mistake, instead post a new comment that quotes your original. If you do this, however, we will use the timestamp of your new post to evaluate whether or not you will be granted Discoverer status, not the original.


  • After the prediction window has closed for a particular Tessera, I will create a single poll in the corresponding forum post, with 6 options: The three Resistance predictions, and the three Enlightened predictions. Agents will be able to cast one vote per poll. When the poll is over, the Resistance prediction with the most votes and the Enlightened prediction with the most votes will move on to the next phase.
  • Agents are encouraged to only vote for predictions associated with their Faction, but in practice, Agents can vote for any of the options. Just remember that if neither the Enlightened nor the Resistance earn points for placement, the points may go to Nemesis. 
  • On the livestream, the Tethered Hand will attempt to place the Tessera in the grid locations corresponding to the winning Resistance and Enlightened guesses. If either of those guesses are correct, the Faction that made the guess earns credit for that placement.
  • If neither the Resistance nor the the Enlightened guess is correct, Nemesis will have a chance to place the piece, and potentially earn placement credit for their Faction.

If fewer than 3 members of either Faction provide a prediction, there will be fewer options on the poll for that Tessera. If either Faction submit exactly one Placement Prediction, that prediction will not be included in the poll. If no Agents provide a prediction, Nemesis will get the first and only shot at placement.


Here is the breakdown of scoring for each Tessera.

  • DISCOVERY: The first Discoverer in each Tessera forum thread will earn 1 point for their Faction, for being the first to find and report the piece.5
  • PLACEMENT: If the prediction of one of the Discoverers turns out to be correct, they will  earn 1 point for their Faction, for properly placing the Tessera.
  • NEMESIS: If neither the Resistance nor the Enlightened prediction is correct, Nemesis will have a chance to provide their own prediction. A correct prediction by Nemesis earns their Faction 2 points.6
  • HEADSTART: But Nemesis has a headstart. They’ve received credit for placing the first 15 Tessera: Two points a piece, for a total of 30 points out of the gate.


From time to time, the Tethered Hand may assign different point values to specific Tessera. More details on this, as they become available. For example, so far it seems that the First Discoverer of live- or dead-drops earns 5 points for their Faction, instead of just one.


1  The NIA will verify if participating Agents actually downloaded the Tessera in question from a Portal. Only Agents who actually received the media drop from a Portal are eligible to potentially predict its location on the Tessellation.

2  The NIA will verify that posters have accurately represented their own Faction. Posters who misrepresent their Faction will forfeit their chance to be designated a Discoverer.

3  Agents are encouraged to discuss with their Faction where a Tessera might go, but the Discoverers themselves have the final say when it comes to making the prediction.

4  In other words, it’s first come, first served. As soon as Discoverer has predicted A5, no other Discoverer may choose A5 for that particular Tessera.

5  To be eligible to become a Discoverer, an Agent must both acquire the Tessera from a Portal, and post in the designated forum. In other words, the order in which Agents acquired the Tessera does not matter, only the order of the verified posters in the forum matters.

6  Nemesis predictions are weighted more heavily both because they get the opportunity to predict last, and because they are not eligible to earn a point for Tessera discovery.



Truthseekers, I've made some revisions to the directives to reflect our current rules of Tesserae redemption. Please see here:

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