For us newbies - Please spell out forum topic abbreviations

Hi Ingress!

Could you spell out what the abbreviations mean? When I first arrived on the forums, I was new to the community and had no clue what abbreviations like OPR or SITREPs mean.

I know, I know... Let Me Google That For You. And, I did Google it and found out that OPR means "Operation Portal Recon," which is a web application that level 12+ agents can use to submit portals to Ingress. I also Googled SITREP and found out it means planned missions with other ingress agents.

One could say that if one does not know what those abbreviations mean, then they need to lurk more.

But, it would be nice if these things were spelled out. I feel that it would make the forums more friendly to newbies visiting the site for the first time.


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