Ingress Prime 2.33.1 Release Notes



  • Niantic has its own priorities, usually aligned with building or fixing code for all 3 games. A public tracker would never have anything more than visibility. You won't be able to control their priorities.

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    Even if a bug is marked with a higher priority, that doesn't mean it will get fixed before a bug with a lower priority. Some bugs are easier to find and fix than others. The ones that are easier to fix tend to get fixed first. And in the process of tracking down the cause of one highly viable bug, they may discover several minor bugs that few noticed during game play.

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  • Please disable vibrations ! It's the worst upgrade so far

  • Comms is still not working? I hope we can turn off the vibration on touch that was added - I really hate distracting vibrations I turn it off everywhere and I can do glyphs incl. Imperfect perfectly without! Please keep UTC 24 HR and NOT LOCAL! With comms not working I can't believe you cohose these low priority updates ahead of NON FUNCTIONAL COMMS!!!#!

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    You can disable vibrations in the Ingress settings menu, if you don't want to have vibrations anywhere.

  • Thank you for the update. I noticed the vibration change right away. As a developer, I know how hard it is to keep putting out updates on a schedule. Keep up the good work.

  • I am playing mostly on foot and switching between three Niantic games. I really want to play Ingress, BUT when I switch to Prime while approaching a portal after a few minutes of playing the other games and catching creatures, all I get are various Server communication errors for several minutes and I'm not able to play. I cannot stop to wait at every portal. Makes playing impossible.

    The same applies to commuting. When I get off the train I switch to Prime and want to take over some portals while walking through the station, but NO, cannot do that any more. Why??

    The other games do not do this. What are you doing wrong in Prime as it is preventing valuable playtime? This is not fun any more as it used to be.

    My Prime is Build 2.33.1-8a221209

    Platform Huawei ****

  • The nearby portals display is absolutely taking up the screen and annoying and its frustrating. They are all over the place all the time. Take it off. I dont need to know there are 4 portals 1 block away constantly.

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    1-3. False.

    4. Never use it. If you don't like, turn it off.

    5. No need.

    6. That's correct behaviour.

    7. You can do screenshot in any app by your standard OS tools.

    8. It's only 2%.

    9. It will be interesting experiment for a/b testers. I think they can make a branch for tests.

    10. Maybe, but I think they should avoid vibration for most actions except glyph actions.

    11. True

    Please, don't touch Redacted coprse

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    1) Prime is super fast, but daming it for long start up times as "slow" is extremely misleading

    2) Depends on your device, most high end devices have oodles of RAM, but less RAM overall than Redacted

    3) Mostly works.

    4) Every ARG uses the magnetometer to some degree, even Redacted. Magnetometers are cheap, best buy a better mobile

    5) Portal hopping I believe is on the cards to be done

    6) Weird, because even redacted used all the available XM I had. This is normal, and expected behaviour

    7) No need, as there now a proper format to export Agent Stats

    8) Device support issue, please raise a ticket to support, with the exact device and OS you have

    9) Voices in the portals is a new feature, that WILL be utilized in the future. Deaf people will have an issue when this becomes fleshed out.

    10) Excessive vibration has been reported and is expected to be fixed in 2.34.x

    11) Depends on your device, best to send support a ticket with you device and OS. Unless this is the initial start up time, which is well documented to be fixed. But not to forget that Classic also took a long time to load in it's first year

    1. Compared to Redacted it is slow.
    2. Compared to Redacted it does. Redacted was taking between 50 and 80 MB of RAM on my phone, Prime takes between 200 and 300 MB. I can only imagine how much more CPU it uses..
    3. It only works when I start Prime and sort keys. After I leave keys screen and change my location, sorting gets messed up. I am not the only person who reported this.
    4. Turn off what?
    5. Yes need.
    6. It wasn't like this in Redacted.
    7. Yes, but with built-in Redacted feature you could screenshot the whole profile, with all the badges and stats. Not it would take a few separate screenshots.
    8. Still inconvenient.
    9. OK
    10. Somewhat agree


    Please bring back Redacted

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    1. It's not superfast,. Besides long starting times and loading everything, it take longer to get from menu to menu, compared to Redacted.
    2. Redacted was taking between 50 and 80 MB of RAM on my phone, Prime takes between 200 and 300 MB. I can only imagine how much more CPU it uses.
    3. It only works when I start Prime and sort keys. After I leave keys screen and change my location, sorting gets messed up. I am not the only person who reported this.
    4. I don't know if Redacted was using it, but the map didn't depend on it. You could rotate the map on a device with no built-in compass, and the compass arrow on the map would rotate to. Now it doesn't.
    5. In Redacted it wasn't done thru keys menu.
    6. No, it didn't, it didn't use up all XM to the point that scanner gets disabled until you get more XM. Confirmed with another player.
    7. A picture is better.
    8. I have that issue on three different devices.
    9. Would be nice to know what they will be utilized in the future.
    10. Good
    11. I wasn't playing Ingress from year one. I can wait, but again, this is my feedback of how things are now. When I go thru keys, on a lot of them I see "Scanner Communication Error" and only after a few seconds I can see portal name. Never had this in Redacted and Classic. It could take time loading portal's resonator info, but never name. I wonder if this is what messes up name sorting.


    Please bring back Redacted

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    Redacted/Classic also would clutter the screen with nearby portals. I do agree it would be nice to have an option to turn them off. Pretty sure everyone knows where nearby portals are in their neighborhood, but if you travel to some new place, it's nice to have a pointer to new portals.


    Please bring back Redacted

  • Regarding memory consumption, I dug out memory usage figures I checked for Redacted and Prime at some point late last year / early this year with ADB. Resident memory consumption for Redacted had been 149 MB and for Prime 384 MB at that point, so Prime did indeed consume more than twice the amount of memory.

    It's quite likely that there's been some optimization work since then, but I'm fairly sure Prime is still happily using more memory considering it still dies significantly quicker when on background than Redacted used to on my phone with 4GB of RAM. Whether or not the difference is significant enough to be noticeable/annoying will depend on how much RAM your phone has, how much/what other stuff you typically run etc. I hope there's further work done on this.

    (for the record, I think *personally* that at this point the pluses and minuses on Prime cancel each other out well enough to make using it an acceptable experience, certainly more so than, say, half a year ago)

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    Anyone else having the issue of NO ALERTS happening ? Im not getting any alerts. . .

    Feezes/Stalls when scrolling threw keys rapidly or rapidly open view mod selections

  • Any word on that compasss issue? I see I'm not the only one.

  • Mission vibration is good

    But hack... I feel tired

  • NianticBrian ich habe eine Frage. Wissen sie das Prime seid Anfang an auf allen Android Geräten ständig abstürztz? Alle 20 bis 50 Minuten. Und wan wird das behoben?

  • when will the prime be terminated? and when will the scond prime start? prime is unusable

  • Thank you for comments, but again. Prime much much better than previous version. So, just let that old fashioned game go away and enjoy new one. Bugs will fix, ux will improve. If you dont like it, just delete game.

  • Absolutely agree. Bryan we need vibration for mostly for glyph and attacks.

  • bugreport.It looks like the links are crossing

  • Certain things are better in Prime than in Ingress 1.x. But would I trade slow Prime with all its features for speedy Redacted? Yes, I really doubt that Prime will be as fast as Ingress 1.x was, unless we all buy faster phones (and that has no guarantees).

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    I've been noticing more and more when playing what seems to kick off the freezing of the Prime app. It's most often occurring when it's something to do with keys. Managing your keys (loading/unloading into capsules), managing your keys as in mass recycling them from the manage screen, trying to link right after doing anything in the key management screen.

    A while back there was a fix for remote recharging (that was causing the app to freeze/crash). I can't seem to find the information for it currently. And granted, keys are a large part of the game. I'm almost wondering if there is some extra code, or something that is causing a loop or such.

    I wonder if you stopped the application from constantly trying to pull up portal images each time agents tried to do any interactions with keys in the game if that would cause any differences?

    Samsung S9

    Android Version: 9

    One UI Version: 1.0

    Android Security Patch level: September 1, 2019

    Screen Resolution: FHD+ (2220 x 1080)

    Ingress Prime Version: 2.33.1

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