June First Saturday issues and next steps

A number of agents across various FS events this month were unable to hack the registration or restock portals, and therefore are seemingly unlikely to be counted by default for their badge point, AP bonus etc.

From what I've heard in a couple of unrelated chats and channels, the issue was acknowledged and a form was released to collect details of those who particapted but couldn't register in-game. However, I haven't seen any official guidance, neither from Ingress nor FevGames, via social media or websites on how to proceed. (I'm unsure to what extent FG are involved with the management/admin of FS events.)

Is there an expected route to get updates on situations like these, besides having to poke PoCs to reach FG and/or NIA? Whilst the local event has a chat where this info eventually surfaced, only some of the attendees are in there, and smaller events may not have one.



  • Unfortunately, the only way at the moment is to poke the POC, who are able to get in contact with FG and NIA. However, keep in mind that their only way is to poke FG/NIA until they receive a response. So most of the time if the POC has yet to respond it is not their fault.

    I know you dont want to hear this, but my best advice is to just be patient. If you filled out the form, just wait. If you still don't have the badge/bonus AP after a couple weeks, that's the time to reach out to your POC.

  • caderouxcaderoux ✭✭✭

    IFS POCs are all in the IFS Slack with FG and they are the source of all information about the IFS issues. The expected route is to contact POCs. The official guidance from FG was for POCs to have people fill in the form provided.

    I realize that agents do not have to pre-register and do not have to check-in to be eligible for the medal, but for POCs to be able to help with support, I blasted in COMM for people to be sure to sign in so that POCs could follow up for them.

    I'm not sure what else you can do, since people can participate silently in IFS and still get medal if they wish, even more so that in anomaly. In that case, there are certainly disconnected people, who by definition, will potentially have trouble.

  • TerranceTerrance ✭✭✭

    I think one of the concerns was that it was unclear if the form link being circulated was genuine, given there was nothing official linking to it and it didn't come from an organisation account (so no obvious "this form was created inside Niantic/FG/wherever" in the footer).

    It took a couple of days before PoCs asked us to fill it in, as they were planning to submit it on our behalf (which didn't work as the form was locked to one submission per Google account).

  • Event leaders in the IFS Slack should be up to date with the notifications channel in there. The form that went around was legit in case NIA weren't able to recover the list of agents that had the errors. At the moment, they are investigating and it looks promising.

  • Any info updated about the problem? Anyone can share the link to the form to fill, one of our agents had problems

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