Game Booster by Samsung - danger ⚠️???


Just noticed last night I guess my phone (Samsung Galaxy S10, 5G) updated lots of Apps and Services.

One was "Game Booster".

I was not sure: Should I give it a try and open Prime or not?

Seems to be a service used by Game Launcher - that provides the possibility to take Screenshots, record videos (including sound - without root).

Well then, I tried - nothing happened.

Am I lucky? Is Niantic aware that people fear to loose their account because phone manufacturer integrate/update their features?

@NianticBrian @RedSoloCup

Some pics:


  • @Chicken3gg game booster is just a Samsung app that helps improve your gameplay experience. It has settings for optimizing battery life vs performance, blocking notifications, locking the status bar to avoid accidental taps, a set in screenshot/record button, etc.

    It's not an issue with ToS or accidental false-positive bans that I've heard of. I've had it for Ingress/PoGo for a very long time.

  • Kevinsky86Kevinsky86 ✭✭✭
    edited October 2019

    Similiar software in I beleive Huawei and Xiaomi land triggered bans in the past. (albeit unintentionally)

    I would steer clear of anything that does anything to any game.

  • @Kevinsky86 I'm unfamiliar with other game apps, but I've been using it since 2017 with 0 issues from Niantic. It doesn't modify the games, it just modifies your phone's performance and menu bars.

  • I plat with this in my Samsung note 9 and it's ok for me.

    You can't cheat with this, just capture your screen.

  • I also have no problems with this app on my note9.

  • Not sure what problem your having @Chicken3gg with the game booster. I have had it on my phone forever. I have a Samsung s8. No problems on this end.

  • jontebulajontebula ✭✭✭✭✭

    No problem here on S10+ works good and safe with Ingress Prime

  • I have no problems with you using that.

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