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Truthseekers: Word from the NIA is that Wendy is going to be broadcasting live from the Anomalous Bubble this Thursday, October 10th, starting at 1700 UTC. If anyone has questions for Wendy, please post them here, and I will pass them along.


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    What's your name? Who are you?

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    Can you guys, Ninatic Project researchers come to Anomaly cities from Anomalous Bubble/NIA Facility with Remote Participation Experience technology?

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    How did Nemesis delete your Simulacrum? What was the situation?

  • I have a question to Wendy.

    What was your first impression of PAC?

  • Who has merged with you Wendy, or should I rephrase the question and ask you, ADA, have you merged with Wendy? The New wave Resistance need confirmation of your exisitance in the Prime universe.

  • How many "extra life"s do you have? or you are an eternal being now?

    We know that ADA1218 has been rebooted even after it has been deleted (I remember it was 3 or 4 times). Wendy, are you too beyond life and ****?

  • How many "extra life"s do you have? or you are an eternal being now?

    We know that ADA1218 has been rebooted even after it has been deleted (I remember it was 3 or 4 times). Wendy, are you no longer there?

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    I have a question, please help me to understand.

    "So the first question would be "who exactly are we talking to?""

    Thanks to Ducilia , Enlightened Agent, Truthseeker and Swagcollector.

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    So apparently, you're a Simulacrum, and according to Hank, you have been for quite some time. After you've been sharded, you seem to have woken up in the Niantic Project facility, which leads me personally to believe that you were converted to a Simulacra by Calvin. The question is, why and when did this happen? Were you a researcher all along, did they use you as a vessel for someone etc?

  • How did you feel when you met Kodama last time?

  • Did you take ADAs place in the Niantic magnus?

    Is ADA still a part of you ? How much of you is Wendy and how much is ADA?

  • Tell us something that only you would know, and not ADA or Klue. I am asking this to determine if we are in fact speaking with the real Wendy and not somebody controlling your body.

  • Did you know that Professor Watkins was Jahan? Were you ever suspicious that she was working for the Antimagnus?

    Did she influence you to align more closely with one side or the other?

  • What is your last name?

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    1. WENDY Is Professor Watkins, that suggest you to make the Dunraven Study, a woman? Do you know if Jahan and professor Watkins is the same person?
    2. WENDY, When do you became a Simulacrum? Do you know if is during the Dunraven study? Or maybe before?
    3. WENDY What's heppened to you at KoLan? Do you remember (maybe not cause you are Klue in that moment)?
    4. ADA, do you know whats heppened when the dunraven chamber blackouts and Wandy cant exit?
    5. ADA, when you enter in Wendy? is it At the first or second session of dunraven study (is it when you show her the gliphs?)?
    6. ADA/WENDY are your consciences merged with an omogeneous union (so now memories of wendy are also of ADA and viceversa) or separated and you have to alternate the control of Wendy's body?
    7. ADA are you completelly inside wendy simulacrum or only a part of you? Can an human brain contain all your codes?
    8. WENDY How your body went to the NIANTIC facility? Is this also can be part of Calvin's plans?
    9. WENDY Video and images of you suggest that you are enlightened: is this caused by Klue RPE or ther is another cause? Other images suggest that ADA inside you is still resistence alligned: can this be a problem in some way?
    10. WENDY Are you part of the Niantic Magnus? Did you take one of the 13 places? And what is your archetype? Do you share this place with ADA or ADA took anotherone with another archetype? Do you know if also Misty Prime is part of the Magnus?
    11. Do you think that you can be a symbol or an arald of cross-facion collaboration due to your duplex nature? what's your favoured color now? ;)

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  • Is everyone in the Anomalous Bubble OK?

    1. Do you think that Nemesis are Niantic Magnus from a node where/when they arrived to the darsana point? Umbra sai tha shapers think they has answers about all (sounds like a darsana point).
    2. Nemesis is against the Shapers (or Exos).., that is a resistance objective (or NWR)... do you think that in another universe/node the Osiris victory by the Resistence starts all this?, from the Osiris stone acquisition by ADA to the Darsana Point , as predicted by Jarvis in a Dunraver Video?
    3. Who do you think is the Mole inside Nemesis? Can this mole be an ADA version form Nemesis node?
    4. A **** tarot media suggest that ADA prime "partecipate", what this can means? Could ADA operated against Niantic cause to the interconnection between nodes?
    5. ADA inside the Wendy's brain is also already connected whit other ADAs of other nodes? And Jarvis with other Jarvis'?
    6. Why Wendy are so surprised when Enoch Dalby Try the RPE board? What she knows that the others dont?
    7.  How many prime object or artifact are inside the facility? Which are used to create the secure bubble by Calvin?
    8. Jarvis and Schubert Found an Observation Chamber, like the dunraven and the jarvis ones, inside the facility. What this can means? If this is the same Dunraven chamber, so an ubiquitous place that can be at the same time in different places, the way that your body was transport inside the facility? (can this be a proof that Calvin and maybe Lightman are behind your recursion and not only ADA?)
    9. As there can be a mole inside Nemesis dont' you think that can be also a mole inside niantic researchers?
    10. Do you trust Hank Johnson 1218?Seams that he is collaborating with Stuart Lightner that we know is a Nemesis collaborator... what do you think about it?
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    Perhaps a lot will question your identity but when did the idea of Project Dunraven start?

    ADA, was Dunraven something planned for all of the sensitives? I noticed the 13 screens within your "lab" which does make me wonder.

    ADA, did you always knew Nemesis was coming?

  • CataCatCataCat ✭✭✭

    This question is for both ADA and Wendy:

    +When did you come to share the same body? Was this an agreement or an imposition? How was it done?

    These questions are for Wendy:

    1. Do you consider yourself resistance or enlightenment? (why?)
    2. How did Nemesis **** you?
    3. What is your relation with ADA?
    4. How did you get separated from Klue?
    5. How are you fitting in with the rest of the researchers (being that you are the only one that wasn't part of the Niantic Project?

    These questions are for ADA:

    1. In her streaming, Dr. Victoria Kureze said that she missed you, why doesn't she know you are there with them? are you hiding from the investigators? If so, to what end?
    2. Do you consider yourself resistance or enlightenment? (why?)
    3. Are you fully contained in the mind of Wendy or is your program/mind/consciousness spread in different places?
    4. Are you the same ADA that we knew in 1218? or are you connected to her?
    5. Are you the one leaking the tesselae from Nemesis? Have you hacked them? Infiltrate them? or join their ranks?
    6. What is your most immediate goal?
    7. Do you bear any resentment or fondness for any of the people with you now? If so, why
  • How are you holding up? I can only imagine how everything must have felt like a whirlwind of confusion and danger, ever since you stepped into that chamber for the first time.

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  • What do you know at moment about Nemesis?

  • Can you please bring back the Ingress Report. And hopefully Susana Moyer?

  • Will there be a 13 Magnus event at camp Navarro next year? Please?

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