Operation Teal Star

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We decided to do something special - extra special - for last weekend's First Saturday event in Perth, Western Australia - a cross-faction link star. One where all the links, blue and green, would seem to emanate from a single point!

At the end of the operation, 399 links were in place, and that number grew to 483 by the end of the weekend.

You can read the full report at http://sitreps.teasearch.com/2019/10/06/operation-teal-star/

Intel link: https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=-31.950752,115.871288&z=17&pll=-31.950752,115.871288

Congratulations and thanks to the agents involved: 57Cell (R), Alien6661 (R), bluesfemme (E), Danastre (E), infinitebacon (E), miiichael (E), Nevinator (R), octarine (R), scyrma (E), SerMochi (R), tansymoon (R) and thestarfigment (E)!

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