Have Prime Network issues seen during last First Saturday and the Field Test been resolved?

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During both the September First Saturday as well as the Field Test events, a lot of people saw network performance issues in Prime. During the events, Prime behaved as if there was a very slow internet connection although other apps (including Redacted) saw very fast connections.

Many people suggested that this was a problem on the Prime server end with load balancing or flood protection when there are a lot of simultaneous connections from the same set of IP addresses.

So far we have not seen an acknowledgement of the issue by Niantic. Has this issue been addressed in the meantime? Can we expect Prime to work on the first Prime-Only First Saturday in ten days? (And then even more importantly during the anomaly a week later)?

Can we please get some confirmation that Niantic is aware of this issue? @NianticBrian




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    In less than a week, all the servers running redacted can be rededicated to running Prime.

  • You are assuming things like you are a niantic employee.

    Are you?

    If not, stop saying nonsenses please.

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    It would surprise me if they had 2 different server networks, both apps talking to one set of servers appears to make far more logistical and financial sense to me.

  • You can add October for server side slowness too. It was horrible trying to do anything.

  • Game server is down on FS timing some agent didn't achieve 5000 AP what can be done now.

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    The people from Fev Games have urged everyone to take at least the group photo so they can validate the event so they can salvage as much as they can

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    Many agents simply didn't drive to any FS as the drive was too far for at the time, a non working scanner. I heard that from multiple agents across many different chats...

  • Due to the lack of Playability I now have only 2 completed missions of a 6 mission (first Saturday) banner. And with upcoming mission day the image will be screwed because it is not like I am able to travel to that town fast and hopefully finish it.

    We also had some first attendees to the fs as well as their first banner. Probably last on both.

    A nice show of how to send people away screaming from a great game.

  • Prime didn't really work in Myriad Helsinki for me, or at least the Redacted fared much better. Prime was just weirdly unresponsive. However, network and server issues have always been part of my anomaly experience. I'm not putting blame on Prime if stuff goes wrong.

    On the other hand, taking money for the mere participation is a thorny issue. For me at least, but it seems that for many others too. There's an implicit promise that Niantic has made, and their track record is far from stellar. It's kinda like "fool me once" situation, and they already pulled a bait-and-switch with the late communication.

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    Why can Pokemon Go’s Community Days cope with the huge concurrent demand

    Well, it seems you little know about pogo cd and sz, they often can't too! =)

  • I'm sure, should the upcoming Anomaly and Mission Day fail like this, it will be pretty hard for you, Niantic, to ever repair the additional damage done to the already pissed community.

  • I thought because of the big crowd i can't even deploy a resonator to the portal during our IFS, It made us stop because of the server laggy-ness......

  • As an active tester during fieldtests in Lelystad the Netherlands i was happy that i could switch to redacted, a lot of players who couldn’t had to wait until prime was playable.

    A bigger problem was that some players where able to use prime and others not during the playwindow how will that affect the anomaly outcome if one team is able to have enough players that can actualy play the game and even win that round?

    Think of it as a teamsport where half of the team is sitting down to tie their shoelaces and the opposite team can play without any hassle and score...

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    The Prime scanner has been slow all week - ever since Redacted was shut down.

    Specifically, in my experience, it has responded slow to actions like hacking. Throughout the week it has taken many seconds, and in some cases dozens of seconds, to get hack output.

    This indicates Niantic should have known about server capacity issues for several days.

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