The state of ingress.

I make a comment in downtown Indianapolis IN comms about drivers in the city not obeying traffic lights and going the wrong direction down one ways streets at 1am. Couple days go by and I get an email from NIA saying I was being inappropriate in comms. Warns me that further reports will result in a ban from using comms. The emails and divides no evidence or details to support the claim yet tells me that a “thorough” investigation found me to be at fault. Suggests I not use comms or talk to agents at all in the field to avoid being banned from comms. I reiterate...they told me to not use comms to avoid being banned. Why even have comms in game then. I’m told this has been happening all over, mass reports by agents abusing the reporting system trying to get people banned. Why is this such a prevalent issue and why is NIA not addressing it?


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    @CrimsonGrimoire , I've heard a bunch of reports like that. Agent weaponizing the COMM reporting. Really sad.

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    I got a similar warning after informing two Enlightened that their actions violated the FS truce that was hammered out just a week earlier. As a result another Resistance agent immediately field over the entire area.

  • Is there a special provision for that in FS rules? I don't think you can force people to play the way you want them too as long as it's not literal cheating.

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    It was an agreement hashed out between several ELN and RES agents to keep an area free of BAFs for so that a FS could be held. The area had been under a BAF for months prier to the agreement. Unfortunately, those plans wen to not because of two ELN agents and a lot of other agents were looking forward to holding their very first FS.

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    True that. This is rampant in both faction so don't call out each other by that, but call them out by their individual name. These are those people who won't talk to you in comm, but as soon as you comm them not even to provoke, BAMMM....warning email.

    I know who sent the report for my "inappropriate behaviour" in COMM. Sadly he is a very senior agent, but all respects is out of the window and I kinda pity him. He won't get another birthday wish this year then. hmmph

  • People out here for real throwing more people under the bus than 6ix9ine smh.

  • Never would've thought I'd hear 6ix9ine mentioned in this community lmfao

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    The big question is ofcourse exactly in what wording you told these people to obey the traffic laws.

    We've locally had somebody hurl the most insane verbal vomit over both COMM's and in real life (all the way up to wishing you crashed your car into a tree) if you would smash his home portal and it took ages for Niantic to appear to take any kind of action. (if they even did and this guy didn't just quit on his own accord)

    I'm highly sceptical Niantic does anything if you're even the least bit subtle.

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    Something to the effect of “y’all drivers wylin out here at 1am. Traffic lights and one ways are just suggestions huh?” No one mentioned or tagged.

    if that’s grounds for being reported then it’s a sad sad day in gaming industry. Got little kids on call of duty telling me they’ve fornicated with my mother.

  • I mean I guess old white people (the majority of the ingress demographic) could be offended by the word wylin since I’m sure it’s not in their vernacular. But the weaponization of the reporting feature is ridiculous and I believe without a doubt that Niantic is just tossing out emails and not investigating. Support is also just copying and pasting generic responses into their emails. Literally the same exact message from 3 different people.

  • I drove nine hours to visit family and took out a local agent’s portal - a water tower. It was a hard to reach portal. So I tagged the agent and thanked her for the drink of water after my long trip. Where I play, that is playful comm banter. But she reported me and I received the “play nice” letter. They do, indeed, issue for no valid reason.

  • Exactly. In most games that’s the normal type of gameplay banter. It’s not crossing any lines and it s not vulgar or derogatory. It’s playful interaction with the opposing team. If Niantic could only see what is said on telegram rofl. The. They’d have a reason to ban half of us.

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    I get the whole thicker skin argument

    But that's a taunt. I don't know that it necessarily warranted a report... But that's just it... face to face you would likely want to know someone a little better before throwing mild taunts at them. This kind of stuff can absolutely bother people because it feels directed. It takes a certain kind of person to find this engaging and playful.

    The next step is that there are some folks who don't want to live in a tissue paper world... Worrying about delicate people sensibilities and all that. I get that. I've dealt with it myself.

    but that's where Niantic dwells they have to deal with this garbage and wherever this blurry line is.

    I fully understand the sentiment though if you go and you do the work hard you want to be acknowledged and you don't simply just want to be an attack notification in the scanner you want that knife to make contact with the skin a little. So you throw out that comm message just to make sure. Relatively harmless.

    Comm is basically only relegated to annoying people and arguing and yelling it seems. I personally wish Niantic would remove the in-game chat. it's worthless outside of trying to recruit people who need help who are new to the game and that can be solved in other ways.

  • If that’s what you consider a taunt, boy I sure would hate to see what happens when a real confrontation happens. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • The fact remains the the system has been weaponized and instead of survey its purpose it’s turned into full on gestapo tactics.

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    Such a true statement. We have the same problem here.

  • Correlation does not mean causation.

    Was that the only thing you said in COMM in the past 3 months? Have you made other statements more derogatory or inflammatory over the past three months?

    Just because you said something and then got a warning doesn't mean that you were warned for that statement.

  • I barely use comms ever unless I’m directly tagged. I know better than to be a d!ck in comms. I save that for telegram.

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    So there are other things you said in COMM, but you assume it's the one you picked that got you the warning. X Doubt

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