Remove pulse

One problem to see XM are the pulse. I hope Niantic soon remove the pulse.


  • KhatreKhatre ✭✭✭✭✭

    I like the pulse effect but yes there should be an option to remove it

  • Indeed, please make the pulse optional in the settings

  • Would still really like a "turn off the reflection/refraction effect in the fields" option, but the effect is a hell of a lot less offensive in 2.29.2. Thank you!

  • GhimokGhimok ✭✭✭

    The pulse effect in 2.29.2 is much better than previous versions, but it still amplifies any minor headache that I might have into a massive headache after just a few minutes. Please give us the option to disable visual effects, such as the pulsing and the large volume of photos in Comms.

    The cleaner the graphics are the less headaches I get.

  • To update this one ...

    For me at least, the pulse (both the flash on the ground and the in-field effects) are now fine for me.

    However ...

    My wife struggles with the flash on the ground and the odd motion aspect of the in-field effects. Consequently, she ends up playing with her screen brightness turned down to the point where she can barely see fields. In its current state, Prime's killing Ingress for her at the moment as a result of this. Please, please, please Mr. Niantic ... please can you make the pulse (so the flash on the ground and the in-field effects) optional?

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