Ingress Prime 2.33.1 Release Notes

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You should soon receive an update to version 2.33.1 of the Ingress Prime app, which includes the following changes:


Ingress Prime

Release Notes

v. 2.33.1


For 2.33.1:

  • UI: Tap the dark background on main menu, disambiguation, main portal, deploy, recharge, and mods screens to return to the map screen. Tap the background of the Inventory: Power Cube carousel to return to the previous screen.
  • UX: Added vibration to most button interactions. Vibration on Android is now more consistent with vibration on iOS.
  • Bugfix: Mission waypoints update after portal capture or upgrade.
  • Bugfix: Copy agent stats to clipboard copies agent stats in 24-hour clock format.
  • Bugfix: Copy portal location to clipboard copies portal latitude and longitude (even if a physical address has been specified).
  • Bugfix: Support for character medals in the item Store.

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  • Bugfix: Copy agent stats to clipboard copies agent stats in 24-hour clock format.

    Is this still localised, or is it in UTC or ISO format?

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    Does this mean character medals coming before anomalies starts in the shop?

  • Second the question on character medals. I was holding off on ticket purchase until I could find an answer on this and ended up buying the only paid ticket available today.

  • @mortuus yes, I'm waiting until more agents have access to v2.33.1, so tentatively mid-week. In the meantime, the event pages have been updated to say the character medals are "coming soon."

  • @Perringaiden 24-hour clock in your local time.

  • a1mirra1mirr ✭✭✭✭

    Thanks for portal coordinates update before anomaly, it will be very useful!

    Hope you will fix linking issue asap (at least, before double AP)

  • 42N342N3 ✭✭✭

    This sounds disappointing 🙄. 2.32.2 startet freezing every once in while, does not link reliable, very often shows the last mod deployed over the link target and still displays scanner communication error if you dare to switch your fon to standby or use another app while moving to a portal out of range. And now we get minor fixes and vibration?

    Just a week before the next anomalies... your serious, @Niantic?

  • Question to NIA ! Here you provide ingress prime application updates - what are you based on when you provide such updates ? - in fact, these are not priority functions, vibration response buttons certainly not the first necessity !  Do please better remote viewing portals as was on redacted-do stability applications-finally??? popravte animations these hoardings, under linkovke are displayed fashion .... What's it? An important problem of the application when used in minimized mode, when opened gives an error and speed ban..... this is the rule and not vibratio on the buttons..... We need the stability of the client to be able to play comfortably ! not vibration !!!!!!! constant lags and hang of the application ! hangs under charge! "that's right !

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