Agent, you have successfully defeated Avenir...



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    >>And a couple more questions, what are the fields for? What do they really give apart from the impossibility of linking the portals under them? >>Explain to me.

    If these questions arise for you probably you can try to find another hobby. I play ingress for 3.5 years (not so long but nontheless) and I am still in love with huge blue fields and blockers for green operations.

  • куда писать, что бы эту говно медаль удалили с моего профиля?

  • It should be easy for them to remove the medal in your account, all they have to do is simply undo all your progress you did in the past x2 weeks so it doesn't show you were active at all during those two weeks. The only cavet of this though is that you will lose all your items you hacked during this time, any portals, links, or fields done by you will be reverted, AP gained will be removed, and any progress toward other medals will also be removed.

    Sending you best wishes that the medal will be removed from your account.

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    Not defending Niantic as much as pointing out the faulty logic being used in this thread.

    Facts and logic folks.

  • Completely disagree. That's not how customer support should work. If a customer requests badge removal (for any reason), the badge should be removed.

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    @Snegniy , I'm digging that medal on you. Congrats!!!


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  • Niantic,

    I have not defeated Avenir, I never played xfac shards, I'm no play any xfac events , I don't want this medal.

    I need you to remove the Avenir badge from my scanner.

    Agent 44r44

    Enlightened, NR04-ECHO-10

  • Not impossible to avoid the badge.

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