Umbra Anomaly Rules and Anomaly Zone

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The Umbra Anomaly rules and Anomaly Zone maps have been released. To view all the details, click here:

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    Portals owned by Jarvis or ADA will not be counted.

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    Is an agent allowed to purchase offsite tickets for more than one site? (With the distribution of sites across time zones, it should be physically possible for an ambitious decoder to participate for 2 or 3 sites, if allowed.)

    In other words, I'm trying to give you some extra money, Niantic, if you'll let me....

  • What is this? I asked everyone if there was an anomaly. No one new anything then it says i got 12 outa 13 shards??? I never saw a shard??? Im ok with this im just so confused. NIA has to do a better job letting us know. I had no information whats so ever.

  • Does this refer to blue to green / green to blue portal flips only or just generally portals that have been obtained by portal flip will not count.

  • If you flip a portal to your own color it will be owned by you, not by Jarvis or ADA. Portals owned by registered participants will count, portals owned by Jarvis or ADA won't.

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